Friday, 16 March 2012

Marlburian battle 15.3.2012.(ides of march)

The scenario for this game was that an allied force,of Danes,Dutch and Prussians,had been attacking a town held by Bavarians,the first day's fighting had seen the town reduced to rubble,the defenders running out of ammo.and their morale low.The Bavarians have asked that a French force be sent to help them,hopefully to reach them before the allies attack and take the town on the second day of fighting.Robin commanded the beleagured Bavarians,Paul commanded the relief force,and John commanded the attacking Allies.Both sides had considerable problems to face and solve,and it turned out to be a "cracking" game by any standards.
This is the overall view of the table taken from the French position,with the town in the distance,the Allies had to take the town,cross the river and defeat the French!!

This photo shows the initial Allied attack and the brave Bavarians defending the town.The first Allied attack by my veteran Von Prister regiment of Prussians were soundly repulsed by a very weak Bavarian Lieb regiment,my shame will live with me for a long time!

The smoking town with Bavarians lurking behind whatever cover they can find,I wish I could have found some!

This is the Allied attack on the town and their outflanking move against the oncoming French.

Robin did very well to defend the town as long as he did,in this shot you can see the dead bodies and ruined gun battery from the first day's fighting-gruesome!

The shot below shows the French advance,with the cavalry moving to counter my outflanking move,luckily for me the ensuing cavalry battle was in my favour,this saved the flank and eventually led to the defeat of the French force.

This photo shows my left flank crossing the river and hurrying to take up positions before the French can "hit" me.

Contact is made along the whole line,the town has been taken,but the French,now under joint command of Robin and Paul,are putting in a furious attack against my infantry and the town(being held by my Prussians now)

This very ungracious shot shows the terrible confusion on the French left flank caused by the Prussians having fired into the flank of a French regiment trying to form line,and a defeat at the walls of the town by another French regiment,morale was taken on both and the result was the confusion you can see.

This shows the Allied cavalry,having taken out the French gun position,threatening the flank of a French infantry regiment,this was the beginning of the end for the French.The Allies were not "wound free" and the game could have gone either way.As far as statistics go the Allies had 11 infantry regiments,2 cavalry regiments,and 2 gun batteries.The Franco-Bavarians had 9 infantry regiments,2 cavalry regiments and 1 gun battery, another great game,roll on Sunday-St Patrick's day !!

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