Friday, 2 May 2014

American Civil War battle of ' Gator Creek 1863

Last night Paul,Brian and I had a "Gee Whiz,Aw Shucks" kinda A.C.W. game...........

The top photo shows the scenario,the bottom photo shows the troop positions before the game started,Paul was in charge of the Confederate troops,whilst Brian and I split the Union command,Brian taking the right,and me taking the left.

My left hand column marched towards the trees,and was audaciously attacked by Paul's troops defending that flank-this resulted in a tremendous tussle,which I eventually won,but not before I had been given a bloody nose for my efforts!!

Brian's column has reached the alligator-infested swamp,and he has decided to reinforce the column with two brigades of infantry!!-This move not only deprived his main attack on Paul's centre,of half the designated troops,but it subjected the troops moving into the swamp to half movement,and attacks from alligators,mosquitoes and leeches!!-I asked Brian for a full report of all the flora and fauna he found in the swamp,and he told me (splutter,splutter!!) to go and do something physically impossible involving my head and my arse!!-This was just too much,so I hastily convened a Courts Martial,found him guilty,and shot him!!

This is the spot where I threw his body!!

Brian's column is slowly moving through the swamp,and Paul has positioned his cavalry to give him a "hot reception" when he moves over the bridge!-This was not looking too good-the "swamp people" can just be seen entering the mess in the immediate foreground.

This shows Brian's ill-fated attack on the "Reb" centre-he is being beset by three brigades and a gun battery,and the result was inevitable-his troops ran away-oh for another two brigades to back them up!!

This gives a good overall view of the table,with my left hand troops driving the Confederates away from the woods,and Brian's troops battling hard on the far right and centre.Brian managed to win the cavalry melee,and was pouring troops into the fray which was developing on that flank-Paul was sending his infantry over there to stem the Union advance,which gave me the chance to attack the Mill area.

My Zouaves, supported by an under strength brigade,are attacking the Mill,Paul defended this area well,and although I managed to drive him away from the wall,I was so shot to bits,that I had to retire back to the trees!!-War is Hell!!-At least my "flanking" troops are making headway on the left, and driving Paul's infantry and cavalry back behind the Mill.

Brian has eventually extricated himself from the swamp! and is putting Paul's centre under tremendous pressure-this really was the beginning of the end for the Confederates-they were being squeezed from both flanks,and Brian's attack in the centre would eventually prove too much-hurrah!!
This was a great game,played in a great spirit,lots of laughs and banter-surely what the hobby is all about.
Well,on Sunday Michael is coming down from Scotland to see us and have a game,and a chat about the Falkirk game(he is providing most of the figures) which is next weekend,so we'll probably have a full house,minus Richard,who is recovering from an operation on his shoulder-get well soon!!

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