Friday, 23 May 2014

English Civil War and Ancient Egyptians Battles 22.5.14.

Yesterday was a two-game day for me,E.C.W. in the morning against Brian,and Egyptians vs "Indiites" at night against Brian and Paul.-It's good being retired you know!!

This is the general scenario and initial troop positions,I commanded the Royalists,and put my good cavalry on my left,hoping to take the town in one fell swoop-what a fool!!

Brian's "Ironsides" are galloping over the bridge,to oppose my cavalry-this flank was a
real nightmare for me-I lost most melees,but because of my good morale,I managed to hold on until the end of the game!!

This shows my strong central position,which Brian failed to take,but he did manage to give the troops here a damned good thrashing nevertheless!!

Action!! the whole line erupts with fire,and cavalry clashes-I have ordered two regiments of white-coated infantry to capture the walled enclosure to the left of my centre-these did well and caused Brian some problems-hurrah!!

My left flank is in serious trouble! I won one melee with my Lifeguards,and these brave chaps reformed and took off towards the town-had I won??

No!! was the reply!!-My right flank is under pressure,my centre is holding(just!!) whilst Brian's centre is being threatened by the White Coats,so we called it an "honourable" draw.
This game really went down to the wire,good tactics,dubious dice,and alot of luck played their part in this game-well done Brian,and roll on tonight.

A very sketchy layout for the Egyptian vs "Indiites"(my Indian army!) I commanded the Indiites whilst Brian commanded the Egyptians and Paul commanded the relief force of Lybians,Numidians and some Hittites in the town.

This shows the table before any movement-when we started to move,it was dramatic,and very very fast!!

See what I mean?? After initial skirmishing had done alot of damage to both sides,the Infantry in the centre clashed,and the melees swung both ways.On each flank the chariots were involved,swirling about,kicking up dust,and causing both commanders to think about sending reinforcements.

Paul's relief column are making their presence felt here,and I am being forced back,not only on this flank,but on the other flank too,however my central infantry are gaining victories,and pushing the Egyptians back-hurrah!!

The final shot,and we decided to call the game a draw(lucky or what??)
Another good game,and we all decided that we are still learning how to handle chariot armies-a bit more research is needed,but that's a good thing as far as wargaming is concerned!!
Roll on Sunday,don't know what we will be playing,or who will turn up-we haven't heard from Graham or Dave for a few days,and Richard is still incapacitated with his shoulder,so who knows!!

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