Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Carronade Show Report 10.5.2014.

We attended Carronade this year,as a club (Michael,Dave,Paul,Brian and I),and,as last year spent the whole weekend up in Falkirk,and an absolutely splendid time was had by all!!
The show itself was a packed and full house,consisting of a whole array of traders and games-the traders i talked to were all doing well,and the gamers seemed to be enjoying themselves too-what more could you want from a show? I was impressed with the toilet facilities,and the catering,the halls were well indicated,and all Falkirk club members were helpful and willing to talk to us.
Our game was a Napoleonic game,with alot of the figures supplied by Michael,and alot of the French from Dave too.The game itself attracted alot of attention,and although we played the game to its conclusion,we seemed to spend alot of time talking and explaining our simple but effective rules to all concerened-Congratulations to Kenny and all his "crew" for a pleasant show-roll on next year!!

This is Saturday morning,and we're just setting up the figures(we had set up the terrain on Friday afternoon)-The attacking French are on the left,commanded by Dave and Paul,whilst on the right Michael and Brian commanded a combined British and Portuguese force.

The battle is in full swing in this shot-however,where is everybody???

One of the highlights of Michael's day was getting C.S. Grant to sign a few books that he had bought-C.S.(as we call him,'cos he's our new "bessie mate") came over to our table and marvelled at the "artillery bounce stick" that we use-it was his father that invented it you know!!-he proved a good sport,and chatted about modern rules being too complicated etc.and of course we couldn't agree more!!-Hurrah!!

This photo shows Brian's flank under all kinds of trouble towards the end of the game,however it must be pointed out,that,on the Friday, night a beer-fuelled discussion took place involving us all,about how many shots both Brian's and Michael's Rocket batteries could have!! This went on for a long time,and we eventually decided on 4 shots per battery-HOWEVER,on the day,both rocket batteries blew up on the first shot,due to two horrendous dice throws!!-Hurrah again!!!

This is the final shot of the game,with Michael falling back and both Dave and Paul advancing in grand style,to capture the town and drive the Allies away-hurrah,hurrah!!

This was,as usual,an exciting game,and all parties played well,and enjoyed the whole thing-well done lads!!
Brian and I will be playing on Thursday-a campaign game-Sudanese against British.

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  1. Great stuff. Sorry I couldn't make it this time - can't use up too many weekend passes at once!

    All the best