Monday, 5 May 2014

Napoleonic game.4.5.14.

Last night we had,almost a full house,and a great game,pitting British and Portuguese against French,and for a change the French were defending a ridge and farmhouse,whilst the Allies attacked.

The "usual suspects" line up for a "crime watch photo-shoot"-Dave,Brian and I were the French commanders and Michael,Paul and Graham were the Allies-Michael had "popped" down from Aberdeen to have a game,and to finalise the details for next weekend's Falkirk game and trip,now that shows keenness!!

The first real action of the game-Dave has charged his light cavalry brigade down the hill into Graham's light cavalry-unfortunately Dave's cavalry had been weakened by a very lucky shot from Graham's Rocket battery(before it spectacularly blew up!!) and he was beaten in the ensuing melee,and forced to retire-a portent of what was to become??

Michael's Portugueses troops are giving my Guard a hard time in this shot-the guard finally gave way,letting Michael take the flank(but not until I had given him a bloody nose!!)-Note the Scot's Greys approaching!!

After some great Artillery shots from Paul,one of Brian's regiments fled the field,letting the "Greys" run riot over his position,however I managed to get a regiment of Dragoons up to stop him,but the rot had set in,and we were all on the back foot!!

Paul is launching his infantry against Brian's centre in this shot,and Graham is threatening his flank with his light cavalry,forcing him into square-war is hell!!

Brian has counter attacked here,slowing Graham down a bit(but not much!!) Dave has attacked Paul's infantry with his remaining cavalry,cutting up one regiment and forcing the other into square-hurrah!!-Graham looks glum!!

A combination of Paul and Michael's troops have completely shattered my flank,and they are moving against Brian's troops now-all is lost!!

A final shot as the sun sets on Napoleon's Empire-however,as Dave said "I still have possession of my position!!"-well as long as you're safe in your little farmhouse!!

This was a good game,we all played our parts well,and no one was disgraced(!!!!!) it was good to see Michael,and we will be seeing him again next weekend at Falkirk.


  1. Watch out Falkirk the "Swamp Man" Cometh !!!!

  2. Complete with cash and drinking gloves I hope!!

  3. An interesting mix of troops an plenty of action. Love the mega-die!

    1. Mega-die,due to failing eyesight(I'm old you know!!) so we can all see the result from all over the table,plus they are made of rubber and don't damage the figures!
      Thanks for comments.