Friday, 30 May 2014

Battle of the Thames 56AD.Romans vs Britons

Last night we had an exciting and interesting game,with Dave and Brian on the Roman side,and Paul and myself on the Britons side.

This is the general scenario,and troop layouts,what the Romans didn't know was that Paul would arrive on the board on move number 3,with Chariots and Warbands,between the hill"A" and the woods,and what Paul didn't know was that Brian's cavalry would arrive on the board on move number 4,between the woods and the base line-this would lead to an interesting encounter,as both sides tried desperately to adjust to the changing situation.

This shows the Roman fleet in all its glory!!Dave took charge of the Legion,whilst Brian took charge of the Auxilliaries(including the Bolt Throwers-on board a boat!)-The Henge can be seen in the far distance.

Both Dave and Brian are trying to establish a "beach head" before the waves of warriors hit them!

With War Cries reverberating around the garage,the first wave hits the Romans,who respond with vollies of Pila!!-this is going to be tough.Meanwhile Brian and Paul are having their own little tussle,chariots vs cavalry,Auxilliary infantry against warbands-what a game so far!!!!!!

Paul has launched his warbands against Brian's line of infantry,and his chariots are running amok in the background-although Brian's cavalry,initially, did ok.

This shot is a few moves on,and Paul has gained the flank,putting Brian's cavalry in all kinds of bother! Brian's infantry are doing quite well against greater numbers,and a couple of good dice throws put Paul on the back foot for a while,until he managed to reinforce the ongoing melee-hurrah!!

It looks "all over" for Brian in this shot,Paul's chariots are now behind his line,and a couple of his units have fled the board.In the centre I am pushing the first line of cohorts back,and although Dave managed to exchange some of his first line cohorts with his second liners,he was gradually being pushed back to the "beach head".

Dave has produced a good defensive line here,but,with Paul now able to threaten his flank,and my cavalry "lurking" on the left of this photo,it was almost over-one last push from the Britons should do it.....................

Has somebody turned the lights out??-this is the last push!!-The Romans will have to go back to London and get another Legion!!-hurrah.
This was a tense(at times) game,with lots going on and points to discuss being raised at the end of it-however I enjoyed it!!
Due to Family visits etc. we probably won't be able to have a game this Sunday,but you never know!!


  1. Interesting game John and very challenging but enjoyable.
    I definitely need more practice with the Romans....and sorry for abandoning you Brian!