Thursday, 15 May 2014

Colonial battle-Sudanese vs British.

As part of our on-going campaign,Brian and I fought our second battle,situated around the town of Tamai. I set my troops up first and allowed Brian to see me in all my glory,he then set up his troops(Egyptian and British) and away we went!!

This is a rough sketch of the initial positions,we were just about to start the game,when our old mate,Charlie Wesencraft,"popped in" to watch.

Here's Charlie weighing up the chances of the Anglo-Egyptians against the masses of Haddendowah and Dervish infantry,Camels and cavalry!!

My first wave is beginning to advance,Charlie looks pleased,Brian looks sick,why? well it had something to do with his gatling gun jamming!!!

Brian has got over his sickness,and looks rather pleased with the way things are going-his fire-power was taking a dreadful toll on my first line,and has stopped my right flank attack,however my Haddendowah are undeterred and are keeping up a steady pace towards the British lines-hurrah!!

Is Brian looking for more troops in the town?-he's going to need them!!-My far left flank,consisting of rifles and a gun battery,has been wiped out,and Brian could now win the game if his right flank troops(camels and rifles) can swing round and take me in the flank-it's all about timing you know!!

This shot shows my central units advancing to contact,I was fairly lucky here,because Brian had placed an Egyptian unit in among his British,and these gave way,leaving a gaping hole for me to pour through-hurrah!!

My second line is advancing to take advantage of the disaray in the British lines,with Brian's centre in all kinds of trouble,it looked like the end for the Anglo/Brits!!-double hurrah!!

The final shot-Haddendowah victorious!!-So that's one game each,Brian has to loose a unit-he'll probably choose an Egyptian one I guess!
This was a great game-very tense,colourful and exciting.We'll be playing tonight,probably an Ancients game,vs Paul.


  1. They dont like it up 'em! Nice to see Charlie, I am sorry I missed him yet again!

  2. As you know Dave the Dervish move rather fast!! two blinks and they were on me.Charlie then enquired "Can the Gatling jam" then of course a magnificent Dice throw from me, you know the rest Click!!!