Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Russian 7YW infantry-Painting update

This morning I based and flocked my last Russian infantry regiment,that makes 10 altogether. I have managed to paint all ten,plus a couple of gun batteries,and three Brigadiers,in record time of 8 weeks!!-I have done this by "speed-painting" the figures,this involves painting only the main colours(in the Russian case,Green and Red,and black) and ignoring such details as cross belts,knapsacks,cartridge pouches etc.etc.-I am quite pleased with the result,and,working on the "three foot rule"ie over three foot on the wargames table,you can't see any details anyway!!
Here are a few photographs,and I'm open to comments/criticism.

I have started the "Command " figures,of two cavalry commanders,plus an Artillery commander and a General plus his ADC-probably finished by the end of the week!!


  1. Great stuff John look really good out on the table.Now the burning question will the Austrians make it before the war is over??

  2. Ha ha the first Austrian brigade will arrive at the garage tonight! Basing is complete on these so Paul just needs to add flags. The Russians look great John...and they dont need the Austrians to beat the Prussians....