Friday, 10 October 2014

Battle of Kutz-Seven Years War.

Last night,Brian,Paul and I had a Seven Years War game that not only looked good,but felt right,with its formalised tactics and moves etc.

This is the scenario and map,showing initial troop dispositions-Paul commanded the right of the Russian positions and Brian the left,including the Village and Austrians.

The table layout,Russians on the left-we gave the Prussians a firing bonus for the first volley,and a greater movement distance,to reflect their superior training,in the early part of the War.

I have just started to move my left flank forward,in this shot,the village is under tremendous attack,and Paul is looking "gleeful!!"-Let's knock that smile off his face-Brian has been sent to the "naughty corner" for trying to snap his pencil,I think!!

The battle is in full swing in this shot-my plan was to attack the village and drive Brian's Austrian troops back,destroy the Russian supports,and then swing onto the centre,whilst,at the same time,my left flank troops would be doing the same-thus completing a classic pincer move-Hurrah!!
The only slight problem with that plan,was the Russians and the Austrians!!!

Even with a firing bonus,my first attack on the village resulted in me losing a whole brigade-Brian's dice throwing was "inspirational"-this a shot of the second attack going in-I eventually won,but the dynamic duo were putting(not Putin!!) together a plan to outflank me via the road-sneaky Ruskies!!

I just had to include this photo of Brian's newly painted Hanoverians-great job Brian.-they were on my side and Paul shot them to bits,but,good job Brian!!

The village is now in Prussian hands(no not Hans!!),but Brian has sent his Dragoons onto my right flank,and I have been forced to oppose him with my Dragoons,and my Cuirassiers(out of picture)-but what I hadn't noticed,until too late,was the regiment of Russian Guard infantry,moving down the road,combined with Brian's infantry approaching through the swamp!!-I must go to Spec Savers!!-This tremendous move cost me the game,as I was giving Paul a damned good thrashing on the left flank!!-well done lads!!

This shows the "move" in all its glory-with my army split in two,I had no other option but to ask for a DRAW-no way Hose,as they say!! Brian and Paul declared themselves the winners,and I retired to my home for a glass of wine!!
Disaster has struck our little wargames venue,in the form of a leak,somewhere-the floor was flooded after a tremendous downpour on Monday,but I can't spot where the water is coming from-I have called a roofer,but will have to wait my turn for his services-charming!!
Roll on Sunday-same terrain(with a little bit of adjustment) but a vastly different game-if the rain holds off!!