Thursday, 9 October 2014

Spanish Galleon 16th Century-Model

It's very rare that I get excited about anything these days,but yesterday I was lucky enough to get my bid accepted on a superb model of a Spanish Galleon,at my local auction house,and as I picked it up today,my excitement grew and grew.
Looking at the model,it will take a lot of restoration,but I am going to use it as my "Winter Project"-any help or advice anyone can give me,on the type of galleon it is or when it would have dated from,would be gratefully received.The model itself is beautifully made,and the attention to detail is superb-a few photo's follow..........

The sails appear to be made of parchment or even skin!!

This is the stern (see how easily I slip into the nautical jargon!)-great detail of rudder etc.

The paint work on the sails should be a clue as to the type of galleon,and maybe the date or even name of it(??)

A shot of the "port" side(even I am impressed with the jargon now!!-there are two metal anchors within the bowels of the model,which I will have to carefully extract with tweezers,proving that someone has taken great pains to get the model correct in every detail.

Another shot of the "back" of the ship-OMG I've lapsed back into landlubber talk!!
Please,any info you can give me,will be used to restore this model back to its original state(or as near as possible.

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