Monday, 6 October 2014

Egyptians vs Pa'arasites 2

Last night Paul,Brian and I were once again in the land of Egypt,fighting another battle,and trying to get the tactics etc. right-we quickly came to the conclusion that all rule sets,books and learned thoughts on chariot tactics come from contemporary reports of two battles only!! ie Meggido and Kadesh,so we decided to apply our club ethos of common sense and playability,and as it turned out,we had another good game-power to the people!!

This shows the opening moves,Paul commanded the Egyptians,I commanded the Pa'arasites and Brian sat this one out,giving helpful comments,such as "you made a right a--se of that!!" and generally being a referee-type person.

Because the far flank was "cut off" by the town,a lot of the early action centred around the Pyramid flank and centre,with charging infantry and whirling chariot wheels-very spectacular and colouful.
In this shot both Paul and I have engaged our central divisions-his was called Horus and mine was called Hamsters!!-doesn't Brian look "smug"??

This shot shows the action around the pyramid-I decided,for photographic reasons to introduce some "dust" behind the chariots-this was, simply,cotton wool sprayed with atomised coffee-it looked ok,but I don't think it has much wargaming impact(we'll see??!!)

I have gained a bit of ground in this photo,but my chariots are being shot to pieces by Paul's chariots plus a sneaky slinger unit,which he brought onto my flank-it's still very dusty!

An all action shot here-the pyramid flank troops and the centres are heavily engaged,and my heavy chariots are moving forward-however the archers in the town inflicted lots of casualties on them and the supporting light infantry-with casualties,and being shot at in the flank,my morale was suffering-could this be an omen from the gods??

Swings and roundabouts!!I am winning in the foreground,losing in the centre,and have pushed Paul's town flank troops off the board!! however my heavy chariots are in a mess,and he has won that flank-what to do,what to do!!-Brian looks grim(so what's new!!)

It's all over now baby blue(Nile) we decided that overall Paul had won-well done.Why is Brian looking like that-is it wind?? or maybe he has dust in his eyes!!
Another good game,once Dave gets his Hittites finished ,we should have some tremendous games.
Roll on Thursday-probably a 7YW game,including a regiment of Brian's Hanoverians,which he has painted to a very high standard.

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