Friday, 3 October 2014

Egyptians vs "Pa'arasites"

Brian and I had a terrific and thought-provoking game last night,after I had challenged him to a 1:1,my new fictitious army against his Egyptian army!

This is the general scenario and troop layout-Brian chose not to put any troops in points C or D

My left flank chariots,backed up with a unit of light infantry,advance on Brian's opposite numbers,we skirmished then charged into each other!!
Meanwhile the Infantry "Divisions" were advancing towards a mighty clash!!

Ditto the right flank-I have sent my horse archers across the stream to try and draw some of Brian's "numerous" archer units way from my chariots and infantry.

It became very apparent,after a couple of moves,that we both didn't really know how to handle our chariots-I have got myself into a right old mess on this flank,trying to manoeuvre them out of the way of an archer unit!!-however that's what this game was all about-trial and error(with the emphasis on the error!!)-looks spectacular though.

Crash,Bang,Wallop!!-I had named my Divisions after ferocious animals-they are,from left to right,Gerbils,Hamsters and Shrews!!-This was a most spectacular part of the game-both sides were evenly matched,so it came down to lucky dice!! Brian won against my Gerbils and I beat him with my Hamsters and Shrews(this is getting silly!!)-good stuff though!!

This flank was particularly hard fought,but I had managed to get my heavy chariots onto the flank of the far division,and it would only be a matter of time before they charged home-hurrah!!

And so it came to pass!!-this was the final move-I had managed to drive Brian's central Division back,and this melee was only going one way,so the Pa'arasites were declared the winners-hurrah again!!

During the course of the battle,Notrite Indahed (that's him on the left,hiding behind an enormous shield) was bitten on the ears(that's an anagram!!) by his pet lion Ryland,and had to be taken to A and E!!-can you guess why his pet lion is called Ryland??-I never confess to being a good painter!!

We are having another game,using the same armies,on Sunday,to try and work out how to use the chariots properly,and realistically-hopefully Paul and maybe Dave will come along-four heads are better than two??

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