Friday, 24 October 2014

Pompey in Egypt 48BC

Yesterday we played the same game,both in the morning and at night-both games were interesting and slightly different,but enjoyable.

In the morning,against Brian,I played the part of Ptolemy 13th(Cleopatra's brother,and historically responsible for Pompey's death!!) and in the evening I played Pompey against Paul.

Both games started with the boats sailing gracefully along the Nile-whilst being shot at by archers!! causing a bit of damage to the cohorts on board. The cohorts already landed were holding their attacking spirit back until the boats were within landing time,but the flanks,containing cavalry and archers were all for attacking straight away-which they did in grand style.

Even though the boats are not within landing distance,the cohorts have decided to advance and make room for them to land-meanwhile the Egyptian line has advanced,intent on inflicting damage before reinforcements can reach the Romans.The flanks are still "alight" with action-the Romans coming off second best,due to archery from the chariots!!

CRASH!! as the boats sail into land,both lines have charged each other-the Roman pila caused a lot of casualties,but fighting at minus one from the dice(because the Egyptians are spear armed) it was a mixed bag of results!!-come on you boat types!!!

This shows the Roman left flank being "hammered" by a combination of Chariots and infantry-in the background you can just see the Egyptian King and his bodyguard advancing in a desperate attempt to stop the Roman line,which is making ground-hurrah!!

The Romans are pushing the Egyptians back,but both their flanks are gone,and the rear is being threatened(a too impetuous charge by Pompey!)-this looks like the end-woe is me!!

Yes it's all over-chariots are rampant in my rear(no jokes!!)-Two very interesting games,highlighting the need for Chariot rules on skirmishing and melee-well done to Paul and Brian for good gaming.

This final shot is of me praying to the God Dracula-well it's the only figure I  have in a coffin!!

This appeared in the Northern Echo on Tuesday,after "Stand To" show-see my report.
Roll on Sunday,no thoughts yet as to what we will be playing though.

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