Friday, 17 October 2014

Roman Civil War,Pompey vs Caesar

Yesterday was a classic two game Thursday,against Brian in the morning and Paul at night-great stuff!!
I will just give a few photo's of Brian's great painted armies,instead of giving a narrative of both games-they were both good,taxing and exciting though.Brian is a prolific painter,and has completed both armies in a record time-see what you think...........

These three shots are from the morning game-very spectacular-it felt right and certainly looked right,with plenty of action from the word "go"-Brian is a very modest man,but he must be "chuffed" at the way these two armies look.

The night game against Paul,was a"rescue mission" game-the cohorts in the foreground have been "beset" by Gallic tribesmen,and Paul's objective was to rescue them,as well as beating Caesar's force-simple!!!

With a mixture of light troops,cavalry and Gallic troops,as well as the legions,the game was always going to be a fast and frantic affair-yes,you could say that!!!!

Who couldn't fail to be stirred by this sort of game?-we fought,exchanged lines,suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune(that's bad dice throws,to me and you!!) retired,came back in-wonderful wargaming-classic stuff!!

We are going to a new show,at Shildon,called "Stand To" on Sunday-we are putting on a demo game,using our 54mm plastic medieval figures,so should be good-if you are there,come over and have a chat-roll on Sunday.
We have recently "lost" two members,so are looking for new ones-any takers?

I must apologise for a couple of the photo's being "fuzzy"don't know what happened there-I was sober when I took them-honest!!


  1. Excellent stuff - it's going to be a while before we can do a Roman Civil War. Jealous, I am.

  2. Fantastic stuff Brian....but are you obsessed with the colour Yellow? Even your dice cup is Yellow! (yes I know mine is Pink) :)

  3. Thanks Paul we have great plans for this period.Loads of scope for John to come up with more great Scenarios.

  4. Well Dave the Colour is Vallejo Model Colour No 877 Gold Brown in a 17Ml bottle me Obsessed !! never there is a Stranglers Joke in this Post somewhere? See you tomorrow.

  5. Hi Great looking miniature game. Are the minis 15mm? I might have missed the scale. It looks like some are the Donington 15mm. I love that companies miniatures. Anyhow great game! Take care Greyson in Va. USA

    1. Hi Greyson,thanks for reading our blog-the figures are 28mm plastics!
      We only play 25/28mm games-old fashioned I guess!
      Please keep reading our blog and passing comments

  6. Hi William, I also like the paint jobs you guys did. Can you tell me where you got the nice plastic miniatures? They make some great Romans and Gauls. I will keep an eye on your blog. I have my own blog if you like sci fi, Terminator wargame. I like your Confederate flag. Thanks from Dave in Virginia, USA

    1. Yo Greyson-figs are from Warlord Games,Viktrix also do some-multi-part figs but worth the effort,for the price.