Sunday, 19 October 2014

"Stand To" show report 19.10.14.

We have just got back from the new show called "Stand To" at the National Railway Museum at Shildon,and what a fantastic venue and day out we've had.
Once we eventually arrived at the show(bloody sat-nav!!!) we were greeted by the show organiser,Ken, who showed us where all the facilities were,namely,toilets,cafe,stands etc and our table.
The vast array of trains,including the iconic "Flying Scotsman" were all within touching distance,there was more than enough space between traders and demo games,in fact spot on!!
The traders included figure sellers,booksellers,terrain sellers as well as the museum shop selling all things "railway",and the cafe selling delicious bacon sandwiches and coffee!!
As the admission was free,there was a constant stream of visitors throughout the day,including a bus load of pensioners on a "Mystery Bus trip" from Blackpool!!-The Railway "buffs" must have thought they had landed on another planet,when they walked into the museum and found a bunch of wargamers there-however they seemed to take an interest in what was going on,and we seemed to talk an awful lot more than we gamed-and of course,that's what it's all about.
The other games on show were a great looking desert WW2 game put on by Robbie of the Independent Wargamers,a science fiction game,and a Bolt Action game-all well attended and judging by the various shouts,enjoyed by all who took part in them-I say a big "well done" to all who participated and who took the time and effort to turn up-shame on those who didn't!!

The top photo shows the "Flying Scotsman",the bottom photo shows the "Vacant Geordie"-where the hell is he looking????

The top photo shows the photographer from the Northern Echo,who seemed to think we were all a little bit mad,and another shot of Brian,obviously taking a keen interest in the game-where's he looking now???
The bottom photo is of Ken-I would say not his best photo!!-a lovely man,who has booked us up for next year's show.

A general shot of a few of the trade stands and the Demo game area-Paul and Brian winding themselves up for the start of our game!!

I spent a lot of time,money and effort creating name badges for us all,and Brian refused to wear his,so I told him that was ok,he is a free spirit and must tread his own path-I then stuck it on his back with a friendly "pat"-oh how he laughed when he found out!!-about three hours later!

The top photo shows a Crusader Tank on a flat bed waggon,the middle shot is of some grey haired bloke playing on the next table to us,and the bottom photo is of the Bolt Action game.
All in all a good day out,roll on next year.

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