Monday, 13 October 2014

The Land of the ZULU 1880

Zulu games are notoriously fast and exciting,and last night's game was no exception!!

This is the map and scenario,Brian was right horn Zulu commander,charged with attacking the depot and camp,Paul was centre and left horn commander,charged with attacking the relief column and driving a wedge between the British forces,led by myself.

This is the table before any movement,what the Zulu commanders(who were named as Amawanka,and Izeawanka!!) didn't know,was that the long grass,through which the centre regiments were meant to pass,was actually impassable,and inhabited by crocodiles and lions!!-this prompted some of the worst language I have ever encountered!!-oh how they laughed!

Brian got the show rolling by attacking the depot with 6 regiments,I thought I had enough to stop him,with 2 companies in the depot and another 2 outside,plus a Gatling gun and a rocket troop-was I mistaken!!!

This shows the "moment of merriment" when the Zulu centre encountered the impassable terrain-hoots of laughter followed(from me!!)-however the Zulu high command were up to the job,and changed their plan accordingly,and moved the centre attack over to my right-oh dear,twice the numbers against my relief column now!!

Even though I had given him a big black bloody beak,Brian has managed to get into the depot,and around the back,and is threatening my camp and flank-in the background you can see the confusion caused by the impassable terrain-hurrah!!
My relief column is enjoying a "turkey shoot" on the far flank-but will it last??

I think the phrase is "The Zulus attacked in overwhelming numbers!!"-my right is putting up a good fight,even my NNC are in melee!! but the numbers coming over the river are going to count soon-woe is me!!-in the background the camp is under pressure too.

Excuse the pun,but things are looking black!!-the camp is lost,the depot is lost-my mind is lost!!
Brian is edging towards the "naughty corner " again-what's he up to??-meanwhile Paul has crossed the river and is in hand to hand contact with my troops(ably led by Lord Elpus by the way)

With both flanks destroyed,and no centre to speak of,the Zulus were declared the worthy winners!-an excellent game,full of ups and downs,and most importantly laughs!!-well done to Amawanka and Izeawanka.

Not many animals were hurt in the making of this game!!
Roll on Thursday,Brian has been feverishly painting up his Pompeian Roman army to put against his Caesarian Roman army-so should be good.

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