Wednesday, 29 July 2015

A Plague of Zombies?

As I was leaving my local B&M store the other day,I noticed in the Toy aisle,that they were having a clearance sale,so I had a quick look,and bought the subjects of this blog!!
I,like a lot of other wargamers,am aware that we need to recruit youngsters into the hobby if it is to surive,I am also aware that youngsters seem to like "skirmish-type games" instead of the massive Napoleonics,Ancients etc. games.
I recently read an article on Zombies in wargaming(actually the crew of  a Submarine!) fighting some Russian Modern types,so I thought,well, I'll buy these figures just to let the younger element see that they don't have to invest a fortune to start in our fantastic hobby!

There were 15 Zombies and 15 "Responders"(WW2 soldiers!) in the box,the normal price being £1.49,reduced to 50p-I don't mind splashing out at times you know!!

On the back of the pack is an advert for the other figures from the series-with a bit of imagination,I can see some enterprising youngster buying a couple of Dinosaurs and pitting them against the Cavemen!!-and of course the Ninjas and Pirates could produce games of Rival factions against each other.-the sky's the limit!!

Now there's a surprise-Made in China!!-I thought I would give you the Web site just in case any budding skirmishers are reading this.
But now onto the figures, and how I painted them.........

I picked 6 different poses to paint-there are actually 7 American Footballers in the pack!!
As you can see they are made in a ghastly green plastic-the Responders are in a ghastly Blue plastic!!

The figures undercoated,and the fine detail comes out.Now having never seen a Zombie(although I did work in Gateshead for 4 years),I had to decide what colours to use on the flesh and clothes-in the end I just used the colours I had!!!!

Underway! one is painted purple,one green,one grey and the rest ordinary flesh.

I am beginning to enjoy painting these wonderful little models-some of the detail is very good.

Almost finished-some of the poses reminded me of the "dad dancing" I was doing at my son's wedding a couple of weeks ago!!

Yep!! that's me all right-same clothes as well!!

Finished-a bit of "blood" adds a little something I think!!(notice the number 74 on the American Footballer's shirt!)

The finished group pose for a Photo! Actually the more I look at them,I'm reminded of the Westerhope Wargames Group photo!!

Hello Brian!!
What with "Battling Tanks" and "Zombies" I'm losing my street cred.(I don't think I ever had any though!!)
Roll on Thursday-proper wargaming,Ancients-hurrah!!


  1. To all our Loyal readers out there you may have noticed a few strange posting on our Blog lately do not worry myself and Paul talked it over last night and have decided that a course of my little Orange Tablets and a Double Rum Ration each day should have John back to normal soon if not it a Men in White Coats Job

    1. May I ask the question-what is "normal"???????
      I need flesh!!!!!!!!

  2. Which one of us is normal???? answers on a post card please!!!

  3. Brian

    I sent him the postcard but even the postman refused to go near his house!!