Saturday, 25 July 2015

Battling Tanks.-A new level?

Is this taking Wargaming to a new level,or just plain silly?
I have been toying(excuse the pun!) with buying these Battling Tanks,for a few months now,since seeing them in a catalogue,but the price of £50 plus £5 p&p put me off-I'm a P.O.P.(poor old pensioner) you know! However my lovely wife went onto "Amazon" and found the very same Tanks for £32 including p&p!!-so I bought them,and will have to live on bread and jam for the next few weeks!!

The Battling Tanks,c/w controllers-they operate on an infra-red system and radio control-as I'm not a WW2 buff I don't know what type of tanks they're supposed to be,but as they are very well detailed,I assume they are taken from historical types.

After I had deciphered the Chinese version of English(see above!) the instructions were simple,and once the batteries had been fully charged,I was ready to go!!

This shows both tanks on my 10x6 table-loads of room to move about-I put a couple of obstacles on the table to see if I could manoeuvre around them-and with a bit of practice I did-however to turn right you use the left hand lever,and vice versa(very confusing for a man of my age!!)

Both tanks are about 11inches long including the gun barrel-the large red light on top of the tank is your aiming point,and the smaller red light are your "life" indicators,which automatically go out if you're hit-clever these Chinese!!

The tanks in action!-because Paul couldn't make it last night,I had to control both ,but I defy anyone not to enjoy this type of action.When the gun fires it makes a realistic noise,and when the "cannon" fire the noise is a comforting "ratatat" noise-hilarious!!-even more hilarious is the "Ahhhhh!! noise made by the tank that is hit-I was bad laughing by the time I had finished.

These are the "life" indicators-once three lives are lost you can't fire the gun,but the turret still revolves and you can fire the cannon.After four lives are lost the tank is "dead.-great fun.

With forward and reverse,360 degree rotating turret,gun and cannon fire,with sound effects-these are worth the money.I can't see me switching to Battling Tanks full time,but for a good,fun evening on a long winter night,I can see great potential-all I have to do now is convince the rest of the club!!
So I'm off to "super enjoy the emulational fight of the tanks!"


  1. I look forward to reading more about this.
    BTW are you guys putting on a game at Claymore?

    1. Hi,good to hear from you again,we were asked to put on a demo game,but unfortunately,due to hols. etc. we can't-it's a pity because it's always a good show,and we like coming north!The tanks seemed to go down well with the lads lastnight(only a quick demo) so we'll see!!