Monday, 20 July 2015

Pyrrhus vs Rome 280BC

Brian is back-with a vengeance!!!-to say I got beaten last night is a massive understatement!!
Paul is still on holiday,but somehow he has managed to pass his "demon dice throwing skills" onto Brian!

Top photo shows the scenario-I was Quintus Aemelius commanding the Romans,Brian was Pyrrhus.
Second photo is my line-up,third photo is Brian's line-up.
We both wrote similar battle plans,ie pin each other on the flanks whilst the "heavies" in the centre smashed their opposition-simple!!

While Brian is calmly writing his next orders,his Elephants are making a right mess of my front line Hastati,who,despite inflicting massive casualties with their Pila,can not stop the charge of a three ton "beastie" and Brian's wonderful dice throwing!!-they were decimated on the first contact!!!!

Our light troops are contesting the "broken ground" in this shot-this was a more even contest,with both sides having equal numbers and types of troops.

The bloody audacity of the man!!-his "beasties" have contacted my second line of Princepes,and although I did manage to deal with them,eventually, the damage had been done and my battle plan was already in dis-array-woe is me!!!

This is the far left of my position,being hard fought against Brian's Illyrians-this tussle went on for the whole of the game,along with the battle for the gap between the "mountains"..........

This is it,my Triarii vs the troops from Tarrentum(they started the whole business by inviting Pyrrhus to help them!)

The Elephants are now just a distant memory(all that is left of them are steaming piles of dung,and Roman bodies!!) so my Princepes are reformed,and are advancing on to the Phalanx-surely Brian's dice throwing antics won't be repeated against them(?)

CRASH!! the two sides meet in a headlong charge-having expended their pila against the bloody Elephants,a couple of my units were at a big dis-advantage against the pikes of the Phalanx,and boy did Brian take advantage of that!-his dice throwing was a little short of "scary"

I can't bear to look! with my centre beaten,my right flank lost and my left flank just about holding,I did what every good wargamer should do-I asked for a draw!!! this of course was refused,and I tried to fall on my sword,but missed!!!!!
This was a great game,played with good humour,but I'm sending the dice away for forensic tests!!
Paul should be back for Thursday's game,so roll on then.
Good to see you back,Brian-don't give us any more scares,other than your dice throwing!


  1. As I did not "Gloat" last night I thought I better get it off my chest Lazarus has risen and dished out a good ploating.!!!!
    There I feel much better now.

  2. Good to know you have found the midas touch brian! But those die are only on loan.... once we have left this 43 c temp ill be back!!

    1. Oh dear me-it's like a script from the "Chuckle Brothers!!"