Friday, 24 July 2015

A Plastic Battle

Paul has returned from Crete,bringing with him some wargaming "goodies"..........

He is so enamoured with the Greek style that he has re-decorated his front room to look like this!!!!

This is Paul and his wife,Janet,outside their new- look house,I can only say what a lovely pair.(of statues that is!!)-Paul also provided the "Gods"-Zeus and Aphrodite(??)I'm sure that this temple and Gods will appear in many wargames to come-a big thanks to Paul,and of course,welcome home!

Well now,onto last night's battle,using plastic figures for all of the infantry,and gunners,but metal for the cavalry.

Scenario and initial dispositions-I was British,Paul was Danish-this was,as can be seen,a very small game for us,but I had to "ease" Paul back into the wargaming scene,very gently after his Cretan adventure!

On move number one I put my right hand brigade into column as a feint,hoping that Paul would move troops to his left to counter them,I would then turn them back into line and "sweep" across the stream,thus winning the game!!-no bloody chance!!

While his gunners were doing untold damage to my troops,Paul,sneakily,moved some infantry across the bridge and assaulted my left hand brigade-the swine!!

Meanwhile,a cavalry battle was developing on my far right flank,which,after a long hard -fought struggle,I won(this was my only success of the night!)

Take that!!(not the boy band!!) a well aimed shot at Paul's out-flanking infantry,gave them a bit of a shock,but his dice throwing saved them and they fought on-will I never learn?

On my left flank,the "brigade" of 3 is now down to 1!!-thanks to great artillery and volley fire-looks like the end of my "Army".

With gaps appearing along my whole line,and troops "retiring"(running away!!) the British were declared the losers and to cries of...........

I had to admit defeat(of course I deliberately let Paul win because it was his first game back after his holiday!!!!!!!!)

I put my defeat down to being exhausted,having been walking in the Cheviot Hills all day-it's good being retired you know!!
Roll on Sunday,hopefully it will be full house-and probably an Ancients game(but will it include a Greek Temple?)


  1. You asked for this How much does a Greek earn????
    See you Sun.

    1. we both knew exactly what you'd come up with!!!

      Oh I'd thanks for keeping my dice warm .... they worked a treat first time :) see you Sunday

  2. Are my eyes deceiving me or are you using larger infantry bases now? It looks like the British are on 12 man bases.

    1. Hi Doug,your "eagle eyes" are not deceiving you! The British(ENGLISH) troops are based like that for our 1719 Jacobite set up,and very rarely get used-pity really,I enjoy that period.
      Thanks for the comment.