Thursday, 9 July 2015

Solo Wargaming-Ancients

Yes,I've been at it again,playing with myself in the garage,but messing with Romans and Barbarians this time.
The game I had was probably the fastest,most exciting,and tense Ancients game I've had for a while(and I've had some cracking games lately!).
As per the 7YW solo games I made some cards for each Barbarian unit,laid them on the terrain,turned them over,replaced cards with figures,then had to make a battle plan for the Romans to beat the Barbarians-again this was a very interesting part of the whole process of solo gaming.

Part one of the process-lay the cards randomly onto the terrain,where I thought a Barbarian commander would want troops.

Parts two and three of the process-mark the Barbarian dispositions onto the map,then think of a battle plan for the Romans,and put their dispositions onto the map.

Part four of the process-put all the figures onto the board in their pre-marked positions!
Part five is the good bit-actually playing the game!!

The first move saw the whole of a section of infantry warbands and cavalry come whooping and hollering at the Roman lines-luckily I had some cavalry exactly where they were needed and intercepted this charge.
On my far left flank 4 warbands refused to move,giving me time to readjust my Aux.infantry stationed there.

My right flank auxiliaries are being attacked here,I managed to hold this flank,which is more than can be said for the other flank!!

The central warbands and chariots have decided to join in the fun,and my whole line is under attack,as is my left flank(I really don't want to talk about the left flank!!)-Note Blue pins behind the Roman cohorts to show that they haven't thrown their Pila,and the Red pins to show which units are at minus one from their dice due to bad morale.

My left flank was a disaster!!-lost every round of melee,officer got killed and the whole of the flank took off back to Rome!-this reversal forced me to turn a couple of cohorts to meet the threat,and this was enough-phew!!

Nearly all of the central Barbarian troops are beaten and have retired(run away!!) leaving the Roman cohorts victorious(happy and glorious!)
As I said in the beginning of this blog,this was a great game,and with a little "tweaking" of the rules I have come up with a great way to fill in times when Paul,Brian or Dave are not available-talking of which,half way through this game Dave 'phoned and said he would be available for a game on Sunday-hurrah!
So,roll on Sunday.

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