Sunday, 12 July 2015

Spanish Galleon Project-completion

Back in October 2014,I bought,at auction,a most wonderful model of a Spanish Galleon.I have tried,without success,to find out a bit of history of this model,because there are others like it around the country.Anyway I have finished "restoring" it to its former glory,and thought I might just post some photographs of the completed model.

This is how it looked when I bought it.

And this is how it looks now!


I found the project interesting and very challenging-the sails had paintings on them of a crucifix and scroll, however my painting and artistic abilities would not allow me to even attempt copying them,so the sails are just plain canvas!!

My wife has suggested that I buy some Pirate-type figures(Warrior and Irregular make some) and put them on board-hmmmm,another project??

All this talk of sea-faring things reminds me that I haven't had my daily "tot" of Rum yet!!

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