Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Solo Wargaming-7YW

There are good and bad things about Solo Wargaming-the good thing is you have as much time as you like to play the game,formulate plans etc. etc.-the bad thing is when your wife tells someone on the 'phone that "He's in the garage playing with himself!!"-I despair!!!!!
However,a while ago I put together some rules for solo games,eliminating any book-keeping,so as I haven't any games planned for this week,I decided to have a couple of games.
I used my 7YW figures,the Prussians would be attacking and the Russians defending,over the same terrain for both games.
I made cards out for each Russian unit,placed them face down on the terrain,and then turned them over,and replaced them with figures,after "adjusting" them for historical dispositions(ie you wouldn't get cavalry forming up in front of a battery,etc. etc.) I then had the very interesting task of coming up with a Prussian battle plan,the objective of both games was to capture the two villages on the maps.

Game number one-The Russians were strong everywhere except their right flank,so my plan was to attack that flank,whilst holding the centre,but also to "demonstrate" against the right hand village.

My attack begins in the centre,whilst my left flank troops advance on the Russian right-because I have developed my solo rules with a very"vicious" morale section,I lost a unit of cuirassiers,and the Russians a gun battery,in the first move!!

I have stormed the gap between the Village (A) and the Russian right flank-the red pin behind the Prussian unit on the left denotes that it is at -1 from the dice for the rest of the game after failing a morale test.

The centre is denuded of Russian troops,I have captured the right of the Russian position,the only slight problem is the small village......

A combination of Hanoverians and Horse Artillery sorted that out!!!
This game was really interesting,and fun-using hit/miss dice for artillery,and then throwing a 4 or 5 to get the enemy troops to take morale(the same for muskets and melee) was so unpredictable,and frustrating at the same time-great stuff!!

The second game saw a different Russian set up,with the cards being laid as before,and once again I had to come up with a battle plan to beat them.

The second game saw the Russians strong everywhere except the central village,so I decided to attack it obliquely with my infantry,protecting their right with masses of heavy cavalry-this worked a treat-my howitzer set the village on fire and forced the gun battery sheltering there to "retire"
The Russians mounted an attack on my horse battery facing the small village,but I managed to beat them off.
On the far left flank,I hadn't intended to get my troops involved but an attack by the Russians stationed there,forced me to use them-to good effect it has to be said!

This shows my main attack starting,moving towards the central village.

Village captured,and Hanoverians making "mincemeat" of the Austrian troops placed to protect it.

Russian Dragoons stationed in the small village,mount an attack against my right flank,but are seen off in grand style(however it must be pointed out that they did manage to destroy my horse artillery battery in the process!!)

My left flank is quickly being secured,and a mass brawl of a cavalry battle in the centre,which went on for 4 moves,has been decided by most of the Russian heavy cavalry going "off" as per the vicious morale rules.........

The mass cavalry battle in progress-what a tremendous melee this was!!-however once the Russians had disappeared,the infantry line was in real danger..........

As you can see!!-this was thrilling stuff,and just goes to show that "playing with yourself" can be fun(!!!!)
I don't know if I will be playing on Sunday yet-if not,then another Solo game will be played.


  1. Solo wargaming?
    It's playing with someone I love!
    But my eyes are getting worse....

    1. Hi Doug,nobody loves me,that's why I play by myself(note I did not say with myself!!
      Thanks for reading blog,and your comment.