Monday, 6 July 2015

Battle of In Salah 202BC

Last night's game was a frantic,fast moving and colouful affair,leaving both Paul and I wanting more,however Paul is flying off to Crete on Tuesday,so we'll have to wait!!
Because the action was so swift,I didn't take as many photo's as usual,but here are a few to whet the appetite!

My central Princepes advance against Paul's citizen spearmen,whilst on the left both sets of heavy cavalry advance-what a clash this is going to be!!

My right flank Hastati are just about to get to grips with the Numidians on Paul's left-this should have been a walk over,but of course you always have to factor- in Paul's dice throwing!!-and ,true to form, the horrible little Numidian light troops gave the Romans a good old fashioned "hammering!!"(for the first round only though!)

On the very far left,my Triarii are facing exactly equal points-this will go down to good luck and good dice throwing-so in other words I stand no chance!!-however,Paul's dice throwing let him down and I eventually won this flank-Hurrah!!

As if "scripted" by the Gods,as the central lines clashed,an almighty streak of lightning,followed by an almighty crash of thunder,rocked the garage!!-compare the light from the garage door in this shot ,to the light in photo number two!!
However,after the initial shock,we fought on and hardly cried at all!!
My troops were magnificent in this and subsequent melees,and drove the Carthaginians back almost to the camp gates-another hurrah!!

On my right,things are not going so well,the Numidians have driven back my first line of Hastati,compelling me to exchange lines and use my second line-the cavalry battle in the foreground went on for 6  moves-thrilling stuff!(and look how dark it is outside!)

As the rain lashed down and the thunderstorm continued,the game was played out-this shows both side's Numidian cavalry getting involved-in the background Paul has replaced his Numidian light infantry with heavy Spanish types-oh hell!(look at the lightning outside the window!!)

On my right,the battle continues,through some bad dice by Paul,and some unusually good dice from me,I am winning and pushing the Carthaginians back,but slowly.

It's all but over,Paul has sent in his camp guard(sacred band) but even they couldn't stem the Roman tide-another hurrah!!

Hannibal has mounted his remaining Elephant(no smutty jokes please!!) and is about to go and take some poison!!
This was another good and exciting game,with everything you would expect from an Ancients game-well played Paul,and have a great holiday.


  1. A good day for Rome - Jupiter was obviously watching...

    1. I like winning,but it doesn't happen that often-good old Jupiter!!