Monday, 13 July 2015

Battle of Wolf Creek 1863

Last night I got my "little one's" out and Dave and I played with them!!-I am of course talking about my 15mm American Civil War figures!!

The scenario and table before any movement-I was Lee,Dave was Meade-the objectives were to capture the supply dump or to stop the supply dump from being captured!

The Cofederate guns open up-I had to try and break up the Union attacks before they got to my lines-this didn't quite work out as I had anticipated(gunners should have gone to Spec Savers!!)

Even under intense artillery fire,the Union troops kept advancing towards their objective!

In this shot the "Rebs" are waiting patiently,however,I had ordered two brigades to march to the left,and that is where I was going to make my big push-will it work?

Hmm,Dave had anticipated that move and countered it with Infantry and guns-this was turning into a "cracker" of a game........

The race is on for the field-Dave,always the tactician,sent his cavalry brigade to stop me,he dis-mounted them behind the wall and shot the hell out of me before I could even get into a firing line-the swine!!!

The Union artillery now opened up on my lines,causing havoc-was this the prelude to an all out attack?-surely not(wishful thinking)

I have been driven back,from the walled field,with tremendous losses,and now Dave's main attack is developing in the centre!!

Here it comes!!-the supply dump is being attacked,and my right hand Zouave brigade is being taught a lesson in how to shoot straight-HELP!!

That's the end! Dave has penetrated my centre,defeated both flanks,and has massed his artillery just in case I put in a counter attack(with what??)-I did ask for a draw,but he refused!!
This turned out to be a very lively game,considering the number of figures used and the cut-down table size(6x6)-great stuff.
All of the figures are from Warrior Miniatures.
Some good news,just in ,Brian feels well enough to join us on Sunday,so looking forward to seeing him then-don't know what sort of game yet.

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