Friday, 3 July 2015

Preview of Sunday's game.

Seeing as Sunday's game will be Paul's last game for a couple of weeks(he's going to Crete to help solve the Greek debt crisis by giving them some Euros!!) I thought I might give him a preview of what he can expect ........

No comment is needed on these two photo's,except that the Romans(me!) are on the left of the screen.

The Hastati,all bunched together on my right flank.

My Princepes,bunched together in the centre,facing Hannibal's citizen spearmen.My Princepes are backed up by 3 units of Triarii.

My far left flank,consisting of 3 units Triarii,and a light cavalry unit,facing the dreaded African infantry,armed in Roman fashion.

This is Paul's left flank consisting of Numidian light troops backed up with 2 Spanish infantry.

Paul's central Citizen Spearmen supported by Spaniards,with Spanish cavalry on the right.

The Man himself,directing operations from inside the camp!!

Finally,a shot down the table,taken from my right flank-doesn't it look grand?

Roll on Sunday-Brian won't be coming along,as he's not too well at the moment-get well soon mate!!

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