Monday, 5 October 2015

A glimpse of things to come.E.C.W.

Having completed my re-basing and identification of my Civil War armies,I have taken a few photo's to let you see how they look.

I have set this game up for Thursday-the Royalists are on the left,and Parliamentarians on the right,in "Swedish" formation(like the Roman chequer board formation).The 18 regiments per side certainly look the part,and" biggish" games are anticipated.

"Badger's Farm" being defended by two Royalist regiments-each regiment is now 6 musketeers and 6 pikemen(don't tell him your name ,Pike!!) in strength,instead of 12 of each.

Right flank Parliamentarian horse-a grand sight(unless you're facing them!!)

The Royalist infantry,in line as per the "Dutch" fashion-easier to control and easier to train the men into this formation.

The Parliamentarian infantry in "Swedish" formation-a lot more complicated to use on the field of battle,and the rear regiments would often march forward and fill the gaps in the front line anyway!!!!

The Royalist "Gun Royale" backed up by Commanded Musketeers,and flanked by cavalry of the highest calibre.

Mounted and dis-mounted Dragoons oppose each other on the right flank of the King's army.
Hopefully,the game on Thursday will do the armies justice,so roll on Thursday!