Friday, 9 October 2015

Battle of Badger's Farm 1644.

It's been a busy old week-I've been painting some dis-mounted Dragoons(E.C.W.),had a game at Charlie's club on Tuesday,final arrangements for Saturday's big game,and this game we had last night,in between going for a coffee at Graham's new house,D.I.Y, and gardening-how
 did I ever find time to work before I retired(I am retired now,I don't know if I've ,mentioned that before!).

The scenario,and objectives-Paul and Brian were the Parliamentarians,and I was the Royalists.

We're off!(Paul looks like he's Kung FU fighting!!). I was interested to see if Paul and Brian liked the re-basing of the armies,and I was keen to see if they looked and felt "right"-all was good!! In this shot the Royalist infantry on my right are advancing against Paul,and a fire-fight is developing nicely,as the cavalry advance against each other on the far right flank.

On my left,a cavalry battle is taking place-Brian's dragoons shot at my cavalry as I passed by the wooded hill,and the casualties he inflicted would tell as the cavalry melee progressed.

Back at the bridge,Brian's out-flanking force,led by Cuirassiers,is about to scatter my dragoons,however I have ordered two regiments of infantry to place themselves between the bridge and farm,to prevent the Parliamentarians from capturing it-hurrah!!

and,this is them doing just that!! My left flank(farm) is secure,but the cavalry battle is not going my way,and the centre is "crumbling" although I am making headway on my right.

This shows my right flank cavalry pushing Paul's back,but with everything else going "tits up" I had to declare my self the "not winner"(I hate using the word "loser")

A final shot of the table,with two slightly smug looking characters(you'll be sorry!!)
I was pleased with the way the game went and how the armies looked,more to follow,I'm sure.
We are looking forward to the game on Saturday,as are Charlie's and Robbie's clubs,so roll on Saturday.


  1. Great stuff as usual, what happened to the astroturf ?.

    1. Hi Paul,Astro-turf is hiding underneath this ancient old cloth,which I am "airing" for Saturday's big game,which is being played on this 15foot cloth-back to "normal" next week though,