Monday, 5 October 2015

Caesar's Conquest of Gaul 58BC

At the last minute,the" famous five" were reduced to the "fab four",who had another exciting and thoroughly entertaining Romans vs Gauls/Germans game.

The scenario with a shot of the table,before any movement.We drew lots and Brian and I were the Gauls and Germans whilst Graham and Paul were the Romans-all set for a cracking "set to"

Paul and Graham are surveying the Barbarian hordes,and trying to guess where we have "hidden" our cavalry!!
Brian had a decision to make on his right flank-did he hold his position or attack the Romans trying to cross the stream(and catching them at a dis-advantage of being disordered)-he chose the latter course and attacked!! This caught the Romans at the disadvantage and stopped their forward movement-get in there Brian!!!

The top photo shows the Gauls hurtling down the hill and into the Roman left,whilst the bottom photo shows the attack on the Cohorts attempting to cross the stream(why is Paul laughing?-this is serious!!) Brian was successful in both attacks,for the first melees,but began to suffer later,however his moves were good and held the Romans up-hurrah!!

On my flank(Germans) Graham is advancing cautiously,but has forced me to "expose" my hidden cavalry,and my Warbands have decided to follow Brian's lead and charge the Cohorts.
In the centre,the whole line is now engaged,with neither side gaining a real advantage-this looks the part-but what is Brian holding his head for?-could it be that he has placed his "hidden" cavalry on the board,so that they are not "hidden" any more(look behind the central trees!)

On my flank,Graham has been forced to reinforce his line with cohorts from his back line,but he is still being pushed back-hurrah!!

In the centre,the Romans are also getting a bit of a beating,but on the right the Gauls are falling back towards the village,hotly pursued by the Romans,however,you can just see in the right foreground,Brian is sending his cavalry over to that flank,to stabilize the situation.

The Roman line has pushed the Gauls back,and even with Brian's cavalry getting into two Cohorts,and beating them,our situation was getting worse.Brian had put one weak warband into the village,but it was attacked by one of Paul's cohorts and beaten-woe is us!!

The Romans are occupying the village,so objective has been achieved,and Paul and Graham were declared the winners!!-what a good game!
Roll on Thursday,probably my newly based English Civil War armies will be on the table.
The final arrangements have been made for next Saturday's huge game(Ramilles) featuring Robbie Roddis' group and Charlie Wesencraft's group and our group-looking forward to that,there should be about 14 of us turning up!!

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