Thursday, 22 October 2015

Last Throw of the Dice for Boudicca 62AD

By way of a change,and by popular demand,we decided to have a game this morning,instead of tonight.Allan,Graham,Brian and I had a right old "ding,donger" of an Ancients game......

Top photo is the scenario,bottom one is the table before any movement.Brian and I were the Roman commanders and Graham and Allan were the Britons-the objective was very clear-just beat each other!!!

Brian very carefully off-loads his Elephants,hoping to smash the opposition with their fearful trumpeting(and Brian knows all about fearful trumpeting!!) and awesome appearance!!

This shows my left flank,with Allan's troops moving very cautiously forward,meanwhile on the other flank,Graham and Brian are already engaged!!!

Brian's auxiliary infantry are meleeing with Grahams leading warbands,with the Elephants moving sedately forward-no rush Brian,you just take your time!!!

I do wish Graham wouldn't stand like that! but he's sending his second line of warbands against my cohorts-is he mad???

With Brian's flank in full swing,and Graham attacking my centre,aided and abetted by Allan,the Romans are going to have their work cut out-but we are Romans,and can't be beaten(can anyone see where this is going?)

Brian's flank is looking rather denuded of troops,but his Elephants are now fighting-hurrah!!they can't be beaten,not by a measly band of savages!!

Oh yes they can!!-with the Elephants losing the melee,they had to take a morale test,failed and ran amok off to the left!!-help!!!

Allan,choosing his moment carefully,unleashed his Infantry,cavalry and chariots against my line of cohorts,this gave Graham time to retire his warbands and prepare for another assault against my centre.

Graham's second assault saw off two of my cohorts leaving an ugly hole in the line,into which he poured his warbands!!
With Allan pressing my left flank hard,and Brian's flank collapsing at a rate of knots,we did the only thing we could and asked for a draw!!-no chance was the reply-oh well,what do we want Britannia for anyway,it's cold,wet and the natives aren't friendly,let's go back to Rome and get crucified-it's better than staying here!!!
This was a good game,played in grand style.Well done to Allan and Graham(and well played Brian!)-roll on Sunday,probably a 7YW game.

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