Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Celebrity Gossip

You know how life seems to be so glamorous for the chosen few?

Have you that feeling that fame and fortune has passed on by, just inches away and kept on going ....  well I can understand fully.

Whilst we enviously look on at the chosen few there are those who's footsteps are not only steeped in fame and possibly notoriety, but somehow they manage to have the occasional renaissance.

Who can this waffle be about?....  which stellar or should that be (stella) personality would warrant a mention on our humble pages? 

I will explain .... particularly as I understand that breath can only be held for a limited period given the advanced age and health of our readers!   

I was passed a copy of a supplement from a local Sunday rag which may be renowned for lurid and sensational exposes.

A compromising photograph was there for all to see.... not quite akin to Keeler, Perfumo etc however, I'll let you be the judge.

There for all to see is our very own John William Coutts, sandwiched between Tommy Cooper and Boy George (he's on top!)

The article is to celebrate events in 1983 in the North east. 

John was showing his beautiful little soldier ....... now then missus oooohh

Seven Years Was semi flats that occasionally descend from the loft.
Brilliant stuff, well done John. 

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