Friday, 23 October 2015

Warrior Saxon Army-"modifications"

Having been "inspired" by a recent game at Charlie Wesencraft's house,I decided to build up a Saxon and Viking army. Being a P.O.P.(poor old pensioner) I wanted a large army at a very reasonable price,so naturally turned to Warrior Miniatures,who duly did me a good deal,and two days after ordering the first 100 figures,they turned up at my door!!
As I inspected the figures,it became apparent that,for ease of casting,all the figures had their shield arms extended,so that the shields were being held at an awkward and historically incorrect angle.My belief in life is that there are no such things as problems,only solutions!
The solution was very simple and very quick-cut off the shield arms,file the "stump" flat and having filed the back of the shield flat,re-attach it by using a tried and trusted method of "No Nails" and Supaglue!!

A Huscarl and Fyrd figure,as they come,shields held awkwardly.

After a quick "snip" and file and glue,hey presto!! shields held to the front.
I left about half of the figures in their original pose for variations sake,but added different shields and weapons from my "stash" of items gathered over the years.

Some different shields and weapons attached.

A few painted,I have gone to town with the shield designs-note all of these have their shield arm extended!!

These have all been "modified"-quite a difference!

A different shield has been added to this figure and the following one.........

One last photo of some "modified" Fyrd ready to undercoat.........

No such things as problems-only solutions!!


  1. Warrior figures just rock..... so cheap and full of character. Their fantasy ranges are excellent too. Great looking army there and fine conversions.

    1. Hi Springinsfeld,I've been dealing with and collecting Warrior figures for about a thousand years now,and have always found them to be excellent value,however you do have to be careful about which range you pick!!
      thanks for comments

  2. Very Nice! Have you tried any of the Crusade Miniatures line? I like the Scottish, French and Polish figures. They mix well with Irregular miniatures.

    1. Hi Doug,I've had a few samples of their Viking range,and found them to be fantastic for the money,It's good to be able to "mix and match" figures these days where 28mm becomes 32mm etc.etc.
      Thanks for your comment.