Saturday, 10 October 2015

Battle of Ramilles 1706.

Before I start this report,I would like to thank everyone who turned up for this game:-Charlie,Paul(K),Mel , Dave and Mike,John,Neil and Robbie,plus our "stalwarts"(with the emphasis on the "warts!!!"
We set the game up between 9 and 10,and then the other players arrived(to moans and groans about my map I had drawn for them-huh,I got there ok!!).I had picked the sides,trying to mix the clubs up,so everyone got to know each other,and picked Charlie to command the French and Robbie to command the Allies.
Both teams then drew up a battle plan,and away we went.

This shows the table before any movement-there were over 1300 figures on it and you could almost hear it "groan" under the weight!!

Trying to get all the players to take their allotted places was like trying to herd cats,but eventually we got started-is Charlie crying or laughing?

The game is now in full swing,Mike,in the foreground,commanding the "English" stuck to the battle plan,and bombarded the village of Autre Eglise,until he had driven the defending troops out,then marched over the stream and captured it-grand stuff!

Mike is across the stream in this shot,and his "laser-guided" artillery is making a mess of John's Bavarians and Walloons.In the centre Brian is attacking Ramilles,supported by Robbie's Danish infantry and cavalry-in the background the main cavalry contingents have made contact.

Mel is looking on as his cavalry charges into Paul(K)'s cavalry,neither side gaining a real advantage yet.Neil,who was charged with capturing the village of Taviers,defended by Dave's Swiss,is being pounded by Dave's gun battery off to the far left.

The cavalry action is hotting up now,and more and more squadrons are being "sucked" into the melee-Robbie launched his elite Danish Lifeguards into the fray,and captured a gun battery,and was then attacked from the flank and rear and lost them!!!!!!!

This photo is taken from behind Autre Eglise.John has dis-obeyed orders(chop his head off Charlie!)by abandoning the village of Offus, and is reinforcing his dwindling Bavarians in the village-this just gave Mike more targets!!!!-but look at the fire-fight going on in the centre-hells flames!!

John's Bavarians are coming under fire from Brian's muskets and artillery,there will be tears at bedtime!!-and there were!!John's command collapsed and his troops driven back-hurrah!!

This shows the action around Ramilles-Allan,who had been commanding the Irish in the village,had to leave early,so Graham took over his command and did a grand job too.

Mel looks worried,and so he should-Paul is gradually driving his cavalry back-Neil is now attacking Taviers village with a vengeance,although Dave,dis-obeying orders(chop his head off Charlie!) has come out of the village and is doing his best to discomfort him!

A general shot from behind Ramilles,showing the central positions still "hard pounding" each other-Brian looks quite aggressive,pointing his stick at Robbie!!-The battle was coming to an end now,and with the village of Autre Eglise in allied control,the allied cavalry driving the French cavalry back,and a stale-mate outside Taviers,the Allies looked to be the winners.

One final photo,showing most of the table-Robbie and his team did well,but Charlie and his team did equally as well-in fact well done to everyone.
We always knew that gaming with other club's rules,if you're not used to them,would be difficult,but no major incidents occurred,so we assumed that everyone enjoyed the day, and the game-perhaps we could organise another(?)


  1. John,
    I would just like to thank you and your club members for a great day out. I know organising such events isn't easy, and can be very stressful. It was great to fight against Charlie again, he may be nearly 100 but he is still sharp as a whip.
    Anyway thanks again for all your efforts.
    Oh and next time, can Brian play for the opposition please.

    1. Hi Robbie,thanks for your kind comments-we enjoyed it too,and No,because we are thinking of transferring Brian to your club permanently!!-no fee of course!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Paul,it was a great day out,good banter and "cross fertilisation" of ideas on rules,games etc-perhaps you would join us next time?

  3. Hello,
    Thanks for the invite and all your efforts organising the game, it was a cracking day. I have got some nice photos of the game up on my blog if you want to check them out. Hopefully you will organise another day like this!
    Neil (and my dad John)

    1. Hi Neil,It was great to see you all,and if/when we organise another game,you'll all be invited-now that we've made the contact with you,your dad,and that other guy you brought along(!!) we'll not let it slip.
      Thanks for your comments,

  4. Totally agree John where did they get that other bloke from?

    1. Yo Anonymous,it could either be from a home for the totally bewildered,or a "bus nutter".
      keep in touch,johnc(william)