Saturday, 3 October 2015

E.C.W. re-base-a thon.

I have never been entirely satisfied with the way I originally based my English Civil War armies,ie on large bases to show that they were comparatively cumbersome to move on the battlefield,so I decided that this week,I would re-base the whole lot!!!
I not only decided to re-base them but to reduce the Infantry to 12 figures instead of the original 24 figures,therefore doubling, in size, my armies (clever sod!)

This is how the infantry regiments looked prior to re-basing.

This is how they look now(but still need "flocking").
Because our hobby is a very visual one,I was concerned that the aesthetics would change,
 but I think they look ok,and with 18 regiments per side instead of 9,our games can take on a new look.

The cavalry being "flocked"-I kept the cavalry regiments @12 figures,which means that I still have 9 regiments per side,which is not bad for a good game.

The Royalist cavalry "flocked" and ready for action-I also "lashed out" and bought new boxes for the Armies-being a pensioner,that means bread and water for the next two weeks!!

Because it's October,I decided to "tart up" my Zulu Kraal-it looks a bit dark and dull,so a quick dry brush and .............

Tah-Dah!!-it really doesn't look that different does it??

One final photo,of Charlie Wesencraft discussing the finer points of Information Technology with my son,Kevin,who had sorted Charlies computer out for him,so he could continue writing his new book.


  1. Kudos to your hard work!
    I look forward to seeing the new organization in battle.

    1. Hi Doug,I'm a bit dyslexic,so what has SUDOKU got to with re-basing the E.C.W. armies????
      Thanks for comment,it was a task and a half but the finished result looks good-first battle will be this thursday.