Friday, 27 May 2016

Battle of Dos Pueblos.1706

Last night saw the "Fab Four"(Paul,Brian,Graham and I) visiting sunny Spain for this great Marlburian battle.

The "Usual" scenario and table before any movement.Paul and I commanded the British and allies,Brian and Graham commanded the Spanish etc.-the scene was set for a great tactical and manoeuvering game.

We're off!!-this is taken from the Spanish side of the table,showing Brian's troops defending the village of Santa Martinez,against the determined attack by Paul's British and allied Prussians.

Graham is diligently writing his orders(which is an integral part of our games) to send his cavalry around the hill,upon which Santa Simone stands,Meanwhile in the centre and right,our troops are advancing to take on the Spanish-very sedate,and true to the period-this is how it should be!

On Paul's flank,all seems to be going well,he has driven the defending regiment out of the village,and is now reforming prior to mounting a massive attack,to take the village-hurrah!!

My British infantry are taking on the Spanish(who,it must be said ,had a much lower firing and morale score than mine) and are getting beaten!!!

Instead of an easy climb up the hill,Paul finds himself involved in a fire-fight!!-this wasn't in the script!!!!,however he did prevail and eventually took the village and secured the hill-another hurrah!!

Graham is looking smug(or is it wind?) and so he should-a craftily placed gun battery and two regiments of Irish are keeping my troops pinned down-my central infantry have been forced back,and I am moving my reserve infantry as fast as I can towards the doomed centre-this is not going well(!!)

A general(no pun intended!) view of the table at about move number 10-I am in all kinds of trouble,but Paul has achieved his objective,so it looks like a draw will be called for(and possibly rejected by Graham and Brian!!)

Move number 13(unlucky for us!!) and Brian is so confident that he has sat down to write his "memoirs". Graham is still putting me under pressure-it's all over!!

One final shot of my flank(or what is left of it!)-with me losing and Paul winning,an "official"(because I'm writing this blog) was declared!!-hurrah!
Another good game,it just seems to get better and better,so roll on Sunday,probably an "El Cid" game.
We have been reading some very favourable comments about our "Assaye" game on various blogs,including TMP and Big Andy's blog,so thank-you very much,we appreciate it-keep the comments coming.

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