Thursday, 12 May 2016

Carronade 2016 Falkirk

As a follow up to John's report we thought we would share some of the photographs we took, not only of our game but also some of the other fantastic games presented.

Well done everyone for contributing to a fantastic day especially the Falkirk District Wargames Club who work really hard to put on this really well supported event.

The pre game chill out

Our Assaye Game Pics

A great Napoleonic game "Retreat from Moscow 1812"

 and a fantastic scene of the "D Day landing 1944"

and finally...

Michael has added these figures to his extensive British Napoleonic collection 

Captions please?


  1. Never saw the D-day game- how did I miss that !
    AS FOR Captions
    who are they Ben Doon and Phil McKraken .....

    1. Hi Big Andy-best laugh I've had since we came back-well done.