Sunday, 8 May 2016

Carronade 2016 Show Reort.

What an absolutely tremendous week-end we've had up in "Bonny Scotland" attending Carronade,and a huge thank-you must go out to Kenny and the rest of the crew at Falkirk and district wargamers for making us so welcome-well done lads,a great show!!
We drove up on Friday morning,and set the game up on Friday afternoon-when we got to the venue we helped put the tables up for Demo games and traders...........

This is how the hall looked when we arrived(one of two that are used downstairs,with further rooms being utilised upstairs)

Paul carrying two at once!!-show off!

Taking shape-Dave is being "supervised" by Brian!!

Once all the tables were brought in,we were allocated our space,and began to set the "Assaye" game up(Brian is behind Dave supervising us!!)-Leon and his Dad are setting up their "stall" behind Paul and Michael(who drove down from Aberdeen to be with us.)

9.30AM on Saturday morning-the game is all set up and we are just about to start.

We even had a display of a sword and pistol and cannon/musket balls,as well as a good array of books about the period and battle-these proved a great "draw" to other wargamers and the public.

As the game started,we played our "trump" card-flashing red LED lights to represent the guns firing-this also attracted a lot of attention,and drew people to the game to talk about the battle and the figures and fort etc.etc.-tremendous!

Whilst Brian is supervising the game,Dave is explaining to an interested "gamer" the finer details of the battle,our rules,and how we expect the game to develop.

Go on kiddo,shoot him!!!-we all took turns to talk to people about the weapons involved,and explain the workings of "flint lock guns"-this was great for adults and children alike.

As the game progressed,the hall filled up rapidly,we had Charles S Grant at our table for a long time-this was his "period" and his old regiment,the 78th Foot took part,so had a particular interest,he also signed a couple of books for Michael too.

"Old Glory" Andy and Dave spent a long time talking about the battle and all things Wargaming,meanwhile Paul,adopting a most peculiar pose, is chatting to some interested gamers!!

Two more very welcome visitors to our table,Charlie Wesencraft and Norma-they also took paricular interest in the game.You can see how the hall has filled up with Traders and other Groups putting on Demonstration and Participation games-every taste was catered for,from Sci-Fi,WW2,Ancients,Napoleonics,Civil War etc. etc.-the "canteen" was busy all day too-this was organisation at its best!!

Our game also progressed and the Village of Assaye is now being attacked-the game actually "panned out" very much like the real battle,and the Indian line is wavering,allowing the British infantry to outnumber them and begin a most marvellous advance!!

This shot shows the game almost finished,the Indian line is broken and the cavalry are just about to be sent "reeling" by a combination of cannister fire and a counter-charge by the British cavalry-hurrah!!

The hall is slowly emptying,and last minute shoppers are spending the last of their money-only one thing left now,before we pack our game away and head for the hotel-and that is to be awarded "Runner-up" trophy for the Demo games-we were "chuffed" and asked Kenny to capture the moment..........................

Here it is-the moment!! the competition was close,because of the very high standard of games.
Now what should we do?

Go to the Bar of course!!
A great Show-well done to us all,but especially Dave for all his effort in pulling it altogether.

The Trophy!!-I think we deserve a special trophy for having the nerve to wear those "Geranium Red" shirts!!!!!!-roll on next year.
Wayne Bolland of Wargames Illustrated was very interested in our game,took a few photographs and asked us to write an article for the magazine,which we will do in the near future-more praise indeed!!


  1. What a great show that looks like.... not too crowded, but from what I see on other blogs some good traders (and demo games). Well done for getting the trophy.

    1. cheers springinsfeld-what a great week-end we had,my jaws are still aching from laughing!!

  2. Well done indeed. I was at the show and I am glad your splendid efforts were rewarded.

    1. Hi Tradgardmastare,thanks for kind comment,it was a great week-end,and we we pleased at the result-excellent games put on by various clubs-a real good mix.

  3. Now onto something more serious. Assaye is a battle I have always wanted to fight, and I am pleased you gents did the battle proud.Great idea to use the little lights to add a bit of drama to the game. Also it was great to see Charlie at the show, maybe next year John, who knows.

  4. I'll try and book a triple bedded room for you to join Brian "step away from the lettuce"Irving and John "where did you get those superman underpants" Coutts for next year

  5. I'll try and book a triple bedded room for you to join Brian "step away from the lettuce"Irving and John "where did you get those superman underpants" Coutts for next year

  6. Paul once I get Johns Acrobatic Act up and Running he will be far too busy for Wargaming!!

  7. Paul,
    We'll have to have a natter about this show, next time we meet. Like I said I have been tempted a couple of times, but the last time I put a game on over the border, I was in a right state through drink, and didnt really enjoy the day.

    1. Just stick with me Robbie I am now on the wagon full time.

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  9. I'll try and book a triple bedded room for you to join Brian "step away from the lettuce"Irving and John "where did you get those superman underpants" Coutts for next year

  10. put the bottle down paul the same comment 3 times have a strong coffee mate!!!!

  11. Ha Ha! Paul are you still drunk?

  12. Well done! :-)