Friday, 20 May 2016

Battle of Fort Nobb,1816.

Now for something completely different!!-I haven't used my A.W.I. Rangers and Indians figures for a while,so I decided I would combine a Napoleonic game with them!! Paul and Brian teamed up as British and Rangers commanders whilst I was in total command(?) of the French and Indians-look out for move number two!!!!

The "strange" scenario is shown in the top photo,and the table before any movement in the bottom one.

From the word "go!" Brian commenced an almost suicidal(yet persistent) attack on the fort-with a combination of volley and cannister fire I destroyed his first wave,but he had more!! and used them to good effect-the swine!!

Paul's Rangers and my Indians were moving tentatively towards each other through the woods,when,all of  a sudden,we had to throw a dice!!-why? asked Paul,well,on a throw of a two,his second Ranger unit was attacked by a hidden BEAR!! and two points were taken from the unit!!-I also had to throw and I threw a five,meaning that my fifth War Party was subjected to attack by a hidden pack of WOLVES!!(I know,I know!!) which also killed my officer of that unit so I lost three points!!

What do Bears do in the woods?-attack passing Rangers,that's what!! But what do Wolves do in the woods?..............

Maul Indian War Parties,that's what!!!
While all this silliness was going on,Brian was trying to concentrate on the game,and was putting in another attack on the Fort.

This time from both the flank and the front at the same time!-Brian had limited ammo. with his guns,but used his shots well,and my defending French were taking casualties.

As Paul and I skirmished and fought in the woods,Brian's persistence has paid off,and he has driven the French from the ramparts!!

Brian is now concentrating his efforts against the other side of the Fort-it looks like it will only be a matter of time before I am over-whelmed!-How are my Indians doing??

They are retiring to their village for a well-earned rest(ie. Running Away!!)-oh dear!

With the British inside the Fort,and the Indians "resting" it was game over for the French!!
This was a very interesting game,full of "dash" and colour,and of course something different!!
Well done to Paul and Brian.
Roll on Sunday,Paul has requested a Carthaginian vs Roman game-but who knows??

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  1. And not even a mention of the Dash and Elan shown by my Brave Highlanders!!!!