Monday, 16 May 2016

Battle of "Vestenfelds" 101AD.

We had a "corker" of a game last night,fighting Romans against Germans.Paul and I were in charge of the Romans whilst Brian and Graham took the role of German commanders.
The Roman's morale and fighting points were reduced due to a rumour spreading around their camp that the Germans were all over 7 feet tall,boiled their prisoners alive then ate them!!

The "usual" scenario and table before any movement-the terrain was quite tricky for the Germans,who had to attack between mountains,hills and open plains.

Before the game started,Brian had the option of adopting a wedge formation with his Germans,which he took-this gave them a real "edge" in the first round of melee!!

Brian's "leisurely" movement with his wedges favoured an extension to my front line with two cohorts from my second line-Graham looks relaxed!!-but he wasn't!! all hell broke loose on the far flank from move number two,skirmishing and charges going in all over the place!!

Is he asleep??-go on Paul,wake him up with a couple of arrow shots!

Old African proverb-"never poke a sleeping lion with a stick!!"-now look what you've done!!
Graham has launched his whole force against Paul's auxiliaries,who,it must be said,put up a good show for a while.

Oh dear,gaps have started to appear in Paul's line-however I am sending him my cavalry,as my line extension is now complete and no Germans will ever get through(what am I saying?)

Look at that line!-unbreakable,even from a.......................................

Oh bloody hell!!!!!!!-the wedges have hit and the Roman line is "fractured"-more troops are being sent to support the cohorts fighting for their little lead lives in the front rank!

As another wedge hits the Romans,things are not looking good,however Paul is managing a "fighting retreat" with his troops-phew!!

Paul's troops are retiring now at a rate of knots!!-what happened to the "fighting retreat"???

With the Roman lines broken and retreating all over the place,Paul and I said we would accept a "Draw"-this offer was met with a torrent of vile and abusive language-ok then we are beaten!!
This was tense and exciting game from start to finish,played in good spirit-well done to us all.
The new playing surface is proving a "hit" with everyone-which is just as well!!
Roll on Thursday-no idea yet what we will be playing.


  1. Great game...I'd have thought the rumour would have increased the Roman's fighting prowess to avoid ending up as a wurst filling.

    1. Hi Springinsfeld-you could hear their little knees knocking from a mile away!!
      this was a good game,which kept us all on our toes throughout.