Monday, 23 May 2016

Placentia 207BC (second attempt)

I have now "sussed" out how to get my photo's-top is scenario and bottom is table before any movement.

Paul's Africans are in the foreground and Brian's Gauls and Spanish are in the background.

My Placentians manning the earthworks-a formidable obstacle to attack!!

This shows the initial skirmishing taking place in the woods between my horse archers and light cavalry,against Paul's Numidian cavalry(which he handled superbly throughout the whole game,using good "hit and run" tactics-the swine!!!)

Brian,as usual,lost no time in attacking the earthworks,softening my troops up first with some well-directed javelins and slings-this worked a treat and put me at a dis-advantage in the melee that followed!

My defenders are being hard-pressed by Brian's determined attack-at one point he broke in,was repulsed,and had the audacity to break in again!!!-great wargaming!!

With Brian and I fighting for our lives,Paul is "sedately" moving forward with the cream of the Carthaginians,including Elephants,taking their time(or to put it another way-fighting to the last of Brian's troops!!!)

With encouraging words(mainly four-lettered!) from Brian,Paul has at last almost made contact with the defenders-no need to hurry,Paul,plenty of time!!!!

At last!!-the Africans have arrived-and what an arrival-I was hard-pushed to keep them out for the first round of melee,but the Elephants had been allowed to pull the defences down,if they could make contact-and of course they did!!! Would this open the flood gates????

YES!!! they did-being attacked on all sides now,and the earthworks breached,I was doomed!!

The end is nigh!-even with me putting in my last reserves and weakened troops,I stood no chance against the fierce onslaught of the combined might of Paul and Brian!!

Last shot,showing a relieved Brian,and the sorry state of my "army"-well done lads,another fantastic game.
Brian brought along his latest painting job,and purchases(from Crusader Miniatures)

Two shots of, one of three,Universal Carriers that Brian has-a fantastic paint job-really impressive.

This shows the 24 figures that were in the pack-very fine detail,wonderful little models.

Look at that detail-Brian will probably have them finished by now!!!!
Roll on Thursday-possibly a Marlburian game.


  1. love the Universal carriers Brian! I hope Paul does as nice a job on his when he gets them......;)

    1. Dave,he's still struggling with the 2lb gun!!!!