Friday, 20 May 2016

Club and Painting up-date.

Brian and I have been painting like mad lately,and these are the results.

Two shots of Brian's Tiger Tank from Warlords Games-the detail is wonderful,as is the paint job! To give the tank a bit of weight and stability,Brian has inserted 2 metal horses in the chasis!!-now that's what I would call "horse power!!"

German Paratroopers flank the Tiger-again from Warlords Games-the painting and basing is "cracking".

Brian is also painting up some British,all based around the D-day Landings.He has,on his painting table,3 "Universal Carriers" and 3 Cromwell tanks!!-he's going beserk!!

My Priests etc. and the first unit of Vikings are finished-a colourful lot!!

Priest and Bishop outside a "scratch-built" Saxon Church-at Falkirk,I scoured the hall looking for a Saxon Church,and was offered a one from Colonel Bill,for £109!!(MDF,and I would have to build it myself!!) so I got home,found 4 bits of wood and glued them together to make this.....

It must be good,they're all queuing up to get in!!!!

Two shots of my first Viking unit-I enjoyed painting them,and did them quite quickly(as you can see!!)
A local "Train" shop has started selling a few bits and pieces for Wargamers,including some Vacuum formed terrain pieces-I bought this one,which I think will be able to be used in a number of Scenarios and periods.............

Amera is a local company,based in Prudhoe,and the price is right too!!!-they do a good range of pieces,including bridges,tents,hangers etc-worth checking out!


  1. By Thor's hammer and Frigga's teats, those Vikings are brilliant. Top church too...I can't work out why the MDF kits are so expensive. Amera on the other hand are excellent aren't they. Like the old Bellona stuff and a similar price!

  2. Cheers Springinsfeld-old Bellona?-now that does take me back!but yes they are very similar,well priced and interesting too-watch this space!!
    My modelling and painting skills are limited,but I'm pleased with the results so far.