Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sunday's game,Ancients.20.5.12.

For Sunday's game we decided on a Carthaginian vs Republican Roman game,because of shifts etc. Robin couldn't make it so it was Grham and Paul against me (John).I commanded the Romans and P & G split the Carthaginian command between them.
The game started with a mass charge by the Elephants,countered by a charge of the Roman first line of Hastati, we give Elephants a very high first clash value,and the Hastati a fairly low value,so even throwing their pila and inflicting some casualties among the Elephants,the result was a far gone conclusion ! I exchanged lines, and my Princepes took over the task of fighting the dreaded Elephants and following lines of Spanish,Africans and Celts.After a real tussle the Romans were beaten and the Triarii wwere called upon to sort the Roman mess out, guess what?? yes they too,even with a good value against them and veteran status,were beaten.
Below is the Roman line before the battle started,Legions in the centre with velites out in front,and cavalry (don't even mention the cavalry!) on thye flanks,my far right flank was held by some light inf. and cav. but they were faced by the terrible Numidians, and of course in time decided to run away,leaving me exposed!! This shot shows the Carthaginians with Elephants out in front,with lines of African heavy inf. Spanish troops and the Celts,flanked by super cavalry.

This shows the battle in full swing, with the Romans being put under alot of pressure on every front,in the top right hand corner of this shot you can see the Roman cav. being pushed off the board by persuing Carthaginian cav.

I thought I would include this photograph in the hope that any one recognising this,obviously "care in the community patient",would come and collect him and give him his medication as quickly as possible!!

More of the same,Romans being beaten by lucky dice throwing,no other reason for me losing!

Note the Triarii are fighting,never heard of before.

This shot shows the "debacle" that was the Roman right flank,horse archers fleeing and light inf. being beaten to a pulp.

However on a happier note,I finished painting my A.C.W. armies and sent to Warrior Miniatures for some Zouaves,I sent the order on Thursday the 17th. and got the order on Saturday the 19th !! how about that for service?

I had the figures painted,based and flocked by Monday the 21st,so was very pleased. As I mentioned before on a previous blog,I haven't painted any detail on these figs. but I'm pleased with the finished result.(if you look carefully you can see I even managed to put stripes doen the trousers of the "Tigers"
The first shot is of the Louisiana Tigers,but I am just classing them as a Zouave brigade.

This photo shows the Union counterpart Zouave brigade,painted as the New York Zouaves,very colourful.

This is a shot of the N.Y. zouaves from behind.

This a shot of the "Tigers" from behind compleste with stripes down trousers!

The amount of detail on these diminuitive figs. is astounding,if only I had the skill or patience to do them justice!!

I have sent away for some limbers and horses for the artillery,and a few civilian figs. too.I will keep you up to date with them when they arrive.

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