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Blow the Bridge,Napoleonic game 30.5.12.

This Napoleonic game was played between Dave and John,and was a fairly small game,Dave commanding a French force defending a village and tasked to prevent the British from blowing up the bridge.Dave could not move his troops until a signal was given (a shot from his artillery )however this was also the signal for a band of "Guerillos" to emerge from the houses in the village and attack any French troops they could find!This certainly gave Dave a fright but he was able to extricate himself from the situation and the "Guerillos " decided that they had done their bit and vanished!!
This is the map we both worked from to decide on strategies and final troop positions. This is the general scenario.

These are the notes that Dave was given a week before the game. This a shot of the camp before the game started with a Brigadier inspecting the two regiments in the camp.

This is the "fortified hill" which cost the British attackers to lose so many men,a formidable obstacle and defended by some of Dave's best troops.

This is the British right hand column,consisting of 6 inf. 1light dragoon and commanded by Wellington himself.

British left flank column,consisting of rifles,3 reg'ts inf 1 horse art. battery and also containing the engineer's waggons and explosives.

These are Dave's troops defending "tower hill",they stood for a cou[ple of moves then Dave very wisely took them back towards the trees, because of the threat to them by art. and rifle fire,they did mount a bit of a counter attack which stopped me for a while but this was my only success in the game,and after being fired on and threatened by cav. I decided that enough was enough and I ended the game still holding the hill but nothing else!! This shot is of the village before the game started,with French troops milling about without a care in the world,until the Spanish Guerillos decided to end their "holiday in Spain"

This photo shows thr French being thrown out of the village and the Guerillos "taunting " them.

The British attacking the fortified hill,one column attacking whilst the other tries to outflank the position,after a couple of volleys I decided to charge the position and after an initial success was thrown back.I persisted in the attack,three in total,but this was my downfall,having lost too many troops and Dave's well placed artillery ripping into my flank unit,I was forced to retire.

Dave's troops are deploying onto the plain whilst my columns are preparing to attack both hills.

This shows monsieur Delaborde,aka Dave ,looking non-plussed even though his troops have just been driven out of the village !!

The British "success",Dave's towwr hill troops have been retired from the hill, allowing the British inf. to gain a very tenuous hold on the position.

This photo shows the last attack by the brave,but poorly led, British, and Dave marshalling his inf. ready to sweep me off the board and into the house for a glass of wine (NOT FRENCH WINE !!)

I would describe this game as totally enjoyable,Dave is a very good opponent who knows his stuff,he deploys his troops well and is a master at getting his artillery to the right place every time.

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