Friday, 25 May 2012

Battle of Twin Forks,1862 A.C.W. game 24.5.12.

Paul and I had the first game with my 15mm American Civil War figs. last night, and to celebrate I went right back to the very first game I ever had,back in 1972, called Twin Forks.(it's funny how you never forget that first game!) The scenario was very simple,the Union forces were to attack a Cotton Mill at Twin Forks,the Confederate troops were to stop them.This game also gave us the opportunity to see how our 25mm rules would transfer to 15mm-no problem as it turned out,although using Brigades and not regiments confused me at first,but Paul in his usual style took everything in his stride and kept me right!!
I have included these photographs showing the game in various stages,it felt right and looked right,and we enjoyed the game,and will play test a few more times before letting the rest of the club involve themselves in this fascinating period,or maybe I will just keep these figs. for solo gaming,we'll see.
This is a shot of the Union lines ready to advance,you can see the Mill in the distance on the right,fronted by a field full of haystacks,this field saw some of the most intense fighting,the Confederates managed to hold onto it until the end of the game. This is the Confederate's centre,brigades of infantry backed up with artillery.My attack was right up this formidable hill,a nd turned out to be very successful, after continued fire-fights and melees.

Another shot of the Rebel centre before the game started,cavalry is hidden just behind the Mill,we allowed a cavalry melee to take place just to see how the rules worked.(they obviously didn't,cos I lost!!)

Union lines in full advance,in the foreground is my Left flank,which had orders to drive the Rebs away from a ruined house situated across a stream and up a hill,no easy task and my troops did suffer,however they persevered and managed,not only to capture a battery of guns,but to drive away the famous "tiger" zouaves.

This is the evidence! "tigers" running away being chased by the New York zouaves,meanwhile the Confederates are holding my brigade on the right of the picture.

The Rebs have driven my brigade back,but in doing so have placed themselves at a disadvantage as I am now in their rear out of picture to the left.

This shows the successful Union troops taking the Confederate's central position,although the field is still occupied by them,eventually surrounded,they too had to give in.

All in all,this was a good game,and brought back good memories for me,hopefully we will play this period more often,be it in 25mm or 15mm.

Roll on Sunday.I don't know if you realise it but today is only 7months until Christmas,so get your "pressie" list written out and given to your loved ones a.s.a.p.

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