Monday, 7 May 2012

1715 Jacobite uprising.6.5.12.

For Sunday's game I decided to do something a little different,and decided on the Jacobite uprising of 1715,but with a bit of a twist,in that the English would be assisted by 4 regiments of German troops sent by King George the first,and the Scots to be assisted by 4 regiments of Irish(Wild Geese) sent by King Louis of France.The scenario is shown below. This is an overall view of the Jacobite positions at the start of the game.

This is an overall view of the English positions at the start of the game,it is worth pointing out that both sides decided to bring on their "foreign" troops on the same flank,ie,Scots right and English left,this made for a real "tussle" towards the end of the game.

This is a shot of the Scots centre and left flank,they decided to hold their attack until a hill to their front had been abandoned by some "raw" English troops,they then left a holding force and advanced on the English centre.

This shows the "raw" English troops who abandoned the hill,supported by some Cavalry.

This photo shows the English left flank being supported bya gun,which was overun by an audacious Scots clan who crossed a stream,climbed a hill,then crossed a bridge,and eventually charged the gunners and captured the gun,all "unseen" by the English commander who was concentrating his attention on an impending attack on his centre !!

This is what the English commander was concentrating on,a mass attack by the Scots clans aimed at his centre regiments,who were mostly "raw" troops,although they did stand and volley and then melee'd to good effect,however the clans rallied and eventually defeated most of the English regiments.The German troops had now decided to take part in the battle,and the Scots thought they had better retire and leave the rest of the fighting to the "professionals".

A shepherd and his flock of sheep observing the battle from the safety of a nearby hill.

The Scots had an unfair advantage (according to the English) by bringing their hunting dogs along !!

This shows the Cavalry clash on the Scots left flank,the Gentlemen Volunteers,on the Scots side,were soundly thrashed by the English cav.even though their fighting ability was higher!

This shows the massive attack on the English centre,with their Irish allies just forming up ready to do battle with the Germans.

The caption for this photograph must be,Pink tee shirt IN, Street cred OUT !! This is of course the English team of Robin and Paul,they weren't smiling at the end of the game though.

The Irish and Germans volleying each other from fairly close range,although the Germans got the better of the Irish (and brought down two of their officers) it was decided that the game could not be won by this unlikely alliance and the Scots would proceed south spreading death and destruction and the benefits of Haggis and deep fried Mars bars to the English!!

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