Monday, 28 May 2012

Infamy,Infamy,they've all got it in for me!!27.5.12.

Apologies to Paul for this one,he was "set up" hence the title of the game,The scenario was a two legion invasion force,one led by me and the other by Paul,who was supposed to come onto the board on move number 4,HOWEVER, he didn't know but his legion had been wiped out by a British tribe,who would arrive on his flank(he was helping me move my legion) on move number 4 instead !! Paul's face was a picture when it was revealed that he had been set up,more so because he had refused my offer of a couple of cohorts to help on his flank.Paul was now faced with a real challenge,not only being attacked frontally,but also from his left flank.
The shot below shows the scenario,complete with lies and set up clause.
This is my centre cohorts with the Roman commander,Giovannicus,lurking in the background.My initial orders were to charge forward and engage the Britons,who countered by letting loose all of their Chariots.
This is a shot of one of the Brits.12 chariots,lovely figures bought from Renegade miniatures,very good value.

Below is a photo of the British centre,looks more like the start of the Grand National!

This is the Roman right flank,entrusted to some Aux. inf and good quality cav.This flank was a real bone of contention all through the game,with the Brits. pushing me back,then my counter charges being successful,and then a final push by the Brits nearly broke my flank,however, cohorts to the rescue,and I was finally successful.

This shows a "low" in the Roman battle plan,Paul's cav. being chased through his own lines by the Noble British cav.however ,Graham,who was in charge of all the British troops,was assailed by a couple of cohorts and decided to withdraw after giving us a "bloody nose"

This shot shows Alcoholix,the flanking attacker,who had beaten Paul's legion before they even got onto the board,making his prescence felt.

The battle in the centre raged all game,Graham was throwing high dice all night and was pushing my first line cohorts back,forcing me to commit my second line,thus depriving Paul of my support.

This is Paul's left flank line taking shape just as Alcoholix's troops begin to attack,Nip and Tuck springs to mind!

Graham's last ditch attempt to break the Roman left flank by massing his remaining chariots and his noble cav units,all to no avail,the Romans held firm(ish) and we were victorious.

Roman left flank pushing back the last of Graham's troops,in fact the end of this exciting game,enjoyed by all,even Paul after he got over the initial shock of not commanding his legion,there's always next week!

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