Friday, 4 May 2012

40mm. Prince August castings.

Dave mentioned last night that he had been "talking" to someone on the Miniatures Page,about opur collection of Prince August home cast figures,so here is a selection of photos taken today and ready for our game on Sunday.I have had my collection for about 35 years and the nations I have represented are:- British,French,Bavarian,Austrian,Prussia,Russia,Dutch and Hanover;each nation has between 4 and 6 regiments of infantry,4/6 regiments of cavalry,and 2gun batteries,plus command figs,I estimate that I have approx.1200 figures in total.Throughout the years we have been playing with these figs.they have been knocked about a bit ,and I must admit that we don't play with them as regularly as we used to,however the "toy soldier" appeal of the figs. is just as great noe as when we first started with them.I have deliberately painted them "toy soldier" style,and they are due for a re-base very soon,they look worn and old (a bit like me!!)However here is a selection of photos, and I hope you enjoy them.


  1. Always loved these figures-they were so unusual. When everybody was going from 25mm to 15mm and even smaller-John decided the future was 40mm. But they always looked great on the board and always attracted attention when displayed at shows-I think one popular battle was a recreation of Blenheim

  2. Big (pun intended) favourites of mine too

  3. I adore casting and painting these too! in fact just ran up a bunch last night.