Saturday, 5 May 2012

Mahratta Wars

It has been a while since I (Dave) posted about my Mahratta Wars project. This year I have decided to push on with it and get to a point where I can actually play some games! With this in mind I have been keeping my eyes open for any painted figures and terrain to supplement my very slow build up of forces. I picked up this lovely Foundry elephant from Ebay a couple of weeks ago for the same price as the unpainted casting (+ the additional foot figure). I think I got a bargain. My mate Michael purchased it through his Ebay account and has offered to cover the cost in exchange for me painting some Napoleonic British command figures for him. So, in effect, this beauty has cost me nothing! Thanks Michael!

The figure above is one which I have just finished painting and is a colonel of the 74th foot, William Wallace, one of my infantry brigade commanders. He is a Redoubt figure, as is the majority of my collection, and is a lovely sculpture.

Above he is shown with another command figure I have just completed. This Indian Prince will either represent Daolat Scindia or another Mahratta chief, I have not decided yet. Again the figure is by Redoubt.

Another shot of the Prince.

Next I thought I would show some of the books I have used whislt researching this fascinating period. The first three have been published by Leonaur and I was made aware of them through reading the blog "Joy nad Forgetfulness". I would recommend this blog to anyone as it is thought provoking and well written but above all very entertaining.

The first book is my latest purchase and I have currently read about half of it. A great read which adds flavour and insight to the period and which has determined me to have a unit of Skinners horse eventually!

The next book charts General Lakes Northern campaign in Hindustan and, although I intend to build my forces around Wellesleys Deccan army, gives some great ideas for scenarios. Of course I will expand my British to include some of Lakes units at a later date.

The next book, written around 1900, is less impressive but still gives some useful information, especially regarding De Boigne and George Thomas (the latter I was not aware of until reading this book).
The downside of the Leonaur books is that they do not contain maps or diagrams and there is no index! This makes it more difficult to go back and cross reference, an essential part of researching armies and ideas for rule ammendments. Still, they are fairly cheap!

I was a little disappointed with the above book as it covers a long period of time and therefore only a small part touches on the time of the 2nd Mahratta war. However I was still able to glean some useful information from it.

Burtons book was one of the first I bought and although it gives some useful information on Pindarries for example, I could probably do without it in my collection.

The Grant and Asquith booklet does what it says on the label! It is a useful wargamers guide with good info on the various armies and a potted history of the Mysore campaigns against Tipoo as well as the 2nd Mahratta war. It also has some scenario ideas and simple maps which will enable the wargamer to set up interesting games. Highly recommended.
   One book I have omitted to show is Wellington in India by Jac Weller. I picked up my used copy last year for only 20 quid and it is simply essential reading for anyone interested in the period. A good narrative history and a cracking read.

  As i mentioned at the start I am determined to push on with this collection and have already made some key purchases in building my armies. I have recently received another package of figures from Redoubt and these arecurrently on the painting table. Also I am anticipating the delivery of some flags this week from The Virtual Armchair General who does a comprehensive range for the 2nd Mahratta war. Once these have arrived I will get them on my completed units and post some pics.

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