Tuesday, 15 May 2012

American Civil War 15mm.New Project.

I have always had a "soft spot" for the American Civil War,and the last game we had with Dave's 25mm A.C.W. figs. has rekindled the enthusiasm,however the cost of buying both sides in the conflict using 25mm. figs would be too much (poor old pensioner now!) so I decided to go for 15mm (poor old blind pensioner now!)
Warrior figs. of Glasgow do an extensive range of 15mm.and I have dealt with John for years and years ,so I sent for two "army packs" of each side, at a very reasonable cost of £18. per army.To cut a long story short,I have been "quietly" painting these lovely figs, since the 23rd April, and have most of them finished already,having said that I have not painted any detail on them whatsoever,as long as anyone can recognise which side is which,I'll be happy. John at Warrior even sent a bundle of 15mm flags to go with them,however I thinlk they look too small,so I went on the good old web. and downloaded,from the Grimsby Wargames Society,a range of 25mm. flags which look great.
I have taken a few photographs of the figs.(not all of them!) and display them below,the detail is there if you want to paint it but I chose not to. 3 "brigades" fire fighting above "brigadiers" and state colours to the front.

Cavalry too,nice figs.I even put a yellow stripe down one side of their trousers!

Another shot of the cav.showing colours and officers as well.

Cav. about to do battle with artillery in background.

General fig. with massed inf. supported by gun battery.

Confederate brigade under fire from Union battery,being supervised by the General.

Both side having a fire fight,my brigades are 15 figs. strong on 3 bases of 5 per base,very cost effective!

Confederate gun battery,2 guns per battery,3 gunners per gun,looks the part.

This shows the composition of my brigades,each base has a Union or confederate flag for identification purposes.

This shows the same for the Confederate states,note the simplistic painting style,I haven't gone in for Zouaves etc, just plain Greys and Blues!

Another shot of the two lines in action,I will have 8 brigades of each side when I completely finish what I've got,and of course I can always add on if necessary.

A last parting shot of the Union lines with General and part of a battery.

I hope to be able to get the two complete armies on the board in a couple of weeks,and I will "blog" their first battle.

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