Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Prince August Romans and Barbarians.8.5.12.

My old mate Allan came down today for a game, and so I decided to put my Prince August cast your own figures onto the board for their "maiden battle" I only fielded Legio Phoenix and some Auxilliaries and Cavalry (I will keep Legio Nova for another day!) against most of my Prince August Barbarians.
Allan decided he would take command of the Barbarians,leaving the Romans to me.We had an excellent game with highs and lows to both sides,my legion did well but I was let down by my Auxilliaries and Cavalry,as you can tell by the way I am putting this,I lost!! however like most Wargamers I put it down to bad dice throwing !
This first photo shows the Legion in the centre with aux. troops on the flanks. Here is a shot showing the Legion in all it's spleandour,ie. before the Barbarians got to work with it.

A close up of a couple of cohorts, preparing to get to grips with the enemy.

This show the Barbarian line up befor the game started,pretty impresive and frightening.

Another shot showing the hordes of troops about to throw themselved against the might of Rome.

Sma troops, different angle and showing the barbarian left flank.

Roman cavalry on the left flank,they looked good but didn't like fighting very much!(these are Lancashire Games figures)

The Romans have advanced,as have the Barbarians,and a clash is taking place,javelins and pila being thrown all over the garage. On the flank, the Cavalry move into melee,we classed the Barbarian cav. as elite and gave them a good fighting ability,hence the "bashing" they gave the Romans.

This is Allan looking "smug" as my Legion is being pounded into submission,did I mention it was bad dice throwing and not my tactics that were at fault?

Desperate fighting in the centre,Legion being assailed on all sides while the Auxilliary inf. are "melting " away in the bottom left .

Cavalry being pushed back on the flank,it's all over now,ti,me for some lunch and a discussion as to what went wrong! This was a thoroughly enjoyable game,perhaps next time I will stand more of a chance if I field both Legions.

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